Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out of the Box drabbles

A drabble is a piece of writing that is exactly 100 words. I wrote the following scenes with the characters from Out of the Box a while back but they got lost the last time I revamped my website. I thought I'd repost them, and maybe write more. If you want to give me prompts I'll write drabbles for you for any of my published stories... or maybe inspiration will strike and I'll write a short story!


Anando dreams.

In his mind, the lush forests of his native land whisper age-old tales when the wind caresses the trees’ branches. The familiar sun warms his face, and he needs not to shade his eyes. He holds a spear in his hand, fire-hardened wood polished by the hand of his father before him, and the hand of his father’s father before that. Amongst the trees, his prey hides, waiting to give him and his tribe life.

Anando awakens. Smiles. Tonight, he will hunt for another kind of prey, but it is the same life he will receive from them.


Usually, Anando arrives at the club before Virginia does, but not tonight. Rather than joining her, he remains on one of the bridges over the dance floor and watches her. Her dress reveals just enough as she dances to make him crave her. Make him hard. He can already see her lying naked on the satin sheets of his bed, can smell her excitement, can taste her skin and pleasure, can touch the slickness between her thighs and her nipples hardening beneath his fingers, can hear her heartbeat and breath accelerating together. He can’t wait anymore; he goes to her.


Anando put the last touch to the meal he had prepared and lowered the fire setting. Virginia wouldn’t be long, now—if she came. There had been a hesitation in her voice when she had promised. But she *had* promised. He hoped she wouldn’t regret it.

With an easiness born of habit, he retrieved a package of blood, heated it, fed from it. He hoped she would offer him dinner as well—she was so delicious, mature and sweet all at once, like fine wine. He didn’t want to take too much—

Two sharp knocks on the door; he smiled.


Days pass, and Virginia can’t touch the scarf she took away as a memento without blushing. She can still feel the silk, so strong around her wrists, holding her tight and as securely as the gentlest touch from Anando. She can still feel it over her eyes, blinding her but allowing every stroke to become like fire on her skin. She can still feel it like the caress of the wind, trailed over her burning flesh by Anando’s teasing hands. The satin scarf is cool and silky on her skin; it makes her crave Anando’s hands and lips even more.

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