Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Flashfiction: Marketing

I hope you're enjoying these glimpses into my characters' lives. The next bit of flashfiction features Leo, Brett and Lisa, the characters of On The Edge and its sequels.


On most days, when Brett came back up to the loft after working in his office all day, either Leo or Lisa greeted him with a kiss – or more than just a kiss, depending on how horny either or both of them were.

That Halloween, however, Leo was still in the bedroom, lacing up Lisa’s corset, when they heard the front door open and Brett’s steps coming toward them.

Leo himself was already in his costume, snug pants, soft leather boots that came all the way to his knees, and a shirt and vest that, along with his hat and plastic sword, were supposed to make him look like a pirate. He had his doubts about historical accuracy, but Lisa had said he looked ‘fetching’, and that was good enough for him. Knowing Lisa, ‘fetching’ probably meant that the pants were tight enough to make his ass look good.

“Mmm…” Brett smiled appreciatively as he paused on the bedroom’s threshold and tugged his tie off. “You look delicious.”

Lisa threw a glance at Leo over her shoulder. “Who do you think he’s talking to?”

“It’s got to be you,” Leo replied, tying the laces together. “I’ve been told I’m fetching, not delicious.”

Both Lisa and Brett laughed.

“Semantics,” Brett said as he came closer and offered each of them a kiss in turn. “You both look smashing. I’m sure the two of you will be a hit at the club.”

Lisa clucked her tongue and picked up the last costume waiting on the bed.

“There’s no ‘two of us,’” she pointed out. “There’s three of us. I got you a costume too.”

“We do this for the patrons,” Brett sighed, taking the costume Lisa was holding out to him. He gave it little more than an eye roll before he set it down on the dresser. “It’s a marketing thing. You two realize that, right?”

Leo looked at Lisa and shared a grin with her. Brett was amazingly predictable.

“The patrons like to see the staff dressed up too,” Leo pointed out. “You’re the one who said that and decided the bartenders and waitresses had to dress up, as I recall.”

“And I don’t want to be the only one in regular clothes when I go down,” Lisa added, the bells of laughter echoing faintly in her words.

Brett shrugged, apparently unconcerned. “So?” he asked defensively. “You two can dress up all you want. I’m a bit old for that. I’ve been too old for that for twenty years.”

Another shared look, and both Leo and Lisa burst out laughing.

You are too old?” they exclaimed at the same time.

At that, Brett cracked a smile. Sometimes, he did seem to forget that of the three of them, he was the youngest – by several decades. “Maybe we’re all too old,” he said, tongue in cheek.

Leo pushed his hat up with a finger and grinned. “Well, my boss wants me to wear this costume, so sadly it doesn’t look like I have much of a choice.”

Judging from Brett’s mutinous expression, the next words to come out of his mouth would either relieve Leo of his shift for the night or announce that the entire staff was forbidden to dress up. Before he could say either thing, Lisa rested a hand on his chest and shook her head. She, too, had to have guessed what Brett was thinking, because she sighed and said, “No. You are not canceling the party, and you know we need all the bartenders behind the counter tonight.”

Brett visibly deflated, but he didn’t surrender yet. “Well, I’m not coming down anyway, so I don’t need to dress up.”

He almost sounded like a petulant child as he said this, not that Leo was silly enough to point that out. Once again, Leo glanced at Lisa; she usually had no problem teasing Brett when he deserved it. This time, though, she didn’t. Instead, she laid a hand on her chest, just above the lacy edge of her corset, and batted her eyelashes at Brett.

“You’re not coming down?” she repeated. “You’re going to leave this poor damsel to the clutches of those ruffians downstairs?”

Leo easily jumped into her game, sliding a hand around her waist and drawing her in front of him. His free hand slid down her thigh and he pulled at the fabric of her long skirt, drawing it up and revealing her stocking, which stopped a little above the knee. As he continued to pull the skirt higher and exposed her thigh, Brett’s eyes widened a little. Lisa’s attempt at historical accuracy had stopped at the stockings, and other than those she was bare under her dress.

“You’re not playing fair,” Brett protested, but he spoiled the whine by licking his lips.

By now, Leo’s fingers had exposed the length of Lisa’s leg. He kissed her neck and she tilted her head back, exposing her throat to Leo’s mouth and Brett’s gaze.

“Maybe we’re not playing fair,” she agreed, “but you’re not playing at all. Pity.”

Leo’s teeth grazed her skin and she finished with a hum. Brett bit down on his bottom lip. His pupils were dilated, and his pants did little to hide his arousal.

“How about we help you take care of your…” As Leo paused, his gaze dropped pointedly to Brett’s crotch. “Little problem so you can get in your costume?”

“And later,” Lisa picked up smoothly, “we’ll help you out of it. Won’t we?”

She turned to look at Leo. He grinned and nodded. “Of course. High or low?”

“I’ll take low,” she said. “For now.”

As she finished, she went to Brett and started working on the fastenings of his pants. At first, he made some vague sounds of protest, but by the time she and Leo had stripped him naked and pushed him onto the bed, the sounds that rose from his throat were altogether different.

Leo ended up having to leave the festivities a little early so he wouldn’t be late for his shift, but when Brett finally came down to the club with Lisa on his arm, they both looked good enough to eat. Leo caught their gazes across the room, and the silent promise that passed between the three of them was clear enough.


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