Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Flashfiction: The Vamp Groupie

Second piece of Halloween flashfiction. This one features Lilia and Vincent from CheckMate, improvising costumes as they visit On The Edge.


It wasn’t often that Vincent patrolled the premises of On The Edge. He had less than pleasant memories of watching Lilia there after they had become Mates, and he avoided going to the club as much as he could. It helped that the security guards took care of keeping the club safe for the patrons, humans and vampires alike.

That night, though, he let Lilia convince him that a walk through couldn’t hurt. He hadn’t heard from his police contact about vampires killing humans in a few days, and as Lilia pointed out, they were just as likely to pick up leads at the club as they were to do so patrolling random streets or graveyards. He suspected she was more interested in having fun than hunting down killers, but then the past month had been a busy one, and a bit of downtime would do both of them good.

As soon as they arrived there, though, and even before they stepped into the club, they both realized that they were underdressed.

“It’s Halloween,” Lilia said, and hit her forehead with the palm of her hand. “I forgot everyone’s supposed to dress up tonight.”

Vincent shrugged, nonplussed. “We’ll go another time,” he suggested, but Lilia shook her head.

“Give me your jacket,” she demanded, already tugging the crossbow strap off his shoulder.

A little confused, Vincent did what she was asking and watched her slip on the jacket and raise the collar.

“There,” she said as she slid the crossbow strap over her head. “Now I’m dressed as a Special Enforcer.”

Vincent laughed. She was dressed as him, but who was he to argue? “What about me?” he asked. “Should I go buy plastic fangs?”

Huffing, she rolled her eyes at him. “Your sense of humor is not getting any better, Jordan.”

She undid the first two buttons of his shirt and pulled the collar open. For a second, he was sure that she was about to lean in, lay her mouth on him, and re-open the bite marks she had left on him the night of their Mating. He was surprised when, instead, she sliced her finger open with her fang and smeared a few drops of blood over the scars on his neck.

“You, my dear,” she said with an overly bright smile, “are a vamp groupie.”

Vincent couldn’t help himself. He laughed aloud, so hard that tears of mirth pearled at the corners of his eyes.

The very first time Lilia had bit him, they had both been under a spell, both blinded by the lust and fabricated love they had felt for each other, and he hadn’t hesitated before offering her his neck.

The next time he had given her his neck and his blood, on the other hand, he had known exactly what he was doing. Other S.E.s in town had seen his neck – seen his scars – and knew about his relationship with Lilia. To them, he was a joke, the very thing they warned people about. Vincent didn’t care. He had never wanted to become a vampire’s Mate, but now he wouldn’t change anything about what he shared with Lilia.

“Are you going to save me from the evil vamps then?” he asked, tongue in cheek.

Lilia grinned. “Don’t I always?”

She shifted her shoulders, adjusting the crossbow on her back, and as she did so her demeanor appeared to change. Often enough, Vincent forgot about what she was because what he truly cared about was who she was. Right now, though, it was hard to ignore that she was first and foremost a huntress; a predator.

Then again, so was Vincent. They just happened to have different chosen prey.

Laughing again, he gave her his arm and they entered the club together. Magic had brought them together, yes, but they had been made for each other long before that.

the end

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