Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flash fiction: Right and Left

A second thank-you piece, this one written for Megan, who wanted the characters from On The Edge as well. This one is centered over Lisa.

Coming back to the loft with sunrise on her heels, Lisa felt just a little bit tipsy – with champagne, with blood, with the danger of staying out too long and risking a not so pleasant suntan. Had she been human, her heart would have been pounding, adrenaline pumping through her, her breath coming out in short gasps.

Stifling drunken laughter, she toed off her shoes and stumbled toward the bedroom. But when she stood on the threshold, her hands already reaching for the zipper of her dress, she froze. As she watched her lovers sleep, wrapped around each other on one side of the bed with enough space at Brett’s back for her to join them, she realized something, and the thought sobered her better than a cold shower could have.

She had gone out to feed and stayed out so long because warm blood and impending danger reminded her what it felt like to be alive. But looking at those two men - her men – she couldn’t ignore the certainty she felt rising in her with the ineluctability of a tidal wave.

Long ago, she had promised herself that living with a human would not change her. All these years, she had continued to hunt, continued to play with others, humans and vampires alike. It was one reason why she had welcomed Leo back into her bed; she had known he would be able to give Brett some things that she couldn’t offer him. It was also one reason why, when Brett had bought those rings, she had decided to wear hers onto her right hand rather than on her left ring finger, the way Leo did.

But suddenly, after all these years of running, she couldn’t pretend anymore. She could have found the same thrill, the same heat she craved at home – and with more love than she had ever dreamed of, to boot. Maybe it was the champagne lowering her defenses, or maybe she had simply lied to herself for too long, but the truth was that she loved these two men every bit as much as they loved her – every bit as much as they loved each other.

Maybe some day she’d even find the courage to tell them.

For now, though, all she did was slip out of her clothes. Still trembling lightly, she climbed in bed and slid in between them. Their arms opened to welcome her, and soon she was cradled between two bodies, one warm, one cooler, both perfect as they pressed against her chest and back. Lisa closed her eyes, but before she fell asleep, she pulled off the ring from her right hand. She held it between her fingers for a few seconds, feeling the smoothness of it, and the indentations where the diamonds were encased in platinum. Taking a deep breath, she slipped the ring back on – this time on her left hand.

As she drifted toward indistinct dreams, she could only wonder which of them would notice first.

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