Friday, April 15, 2011

Flashfiction - Morning Rides

featuring the characters from On The Edge
600 words

Like the last movement of a silent symphony, the moon had started its descent toward the ocean. Soon its light would be gone, but for now it was still enough to illuminate the rocky cliff and the three people lying there on a picnic blanket, clothes strewn around them.

Brett was the first to sit up and reach for his clothing.

“Cold?” Lisa asked. She raised her head from where it rested on Leo’s chest, his fingers lightly running through her hair, and looked at Brett.

He shook his head. The summer air had remained warm all night long, and the ocean at their feet had only mildly tempered it. The coming day promised to be just as hot as the last. Even with the air conditioning on, the loft above the club had been suffocating.

“Not cold,” he assured her with a smile. “But we should go back. The sun will be up soon.”

The pronouncement didn’t seem to faze Leo or Lisa in any way, and Brett wanted to roll his eyes at them. He didn’t have anything to fear from the sun, so why was he always more worried about it than they were?

Silly vampires who thought themselves immortal.

“We’ve got a good hour left,” Leo said in a lazy, contented drawl, and Brett could feel the caress of his eyes. “Enough time for—”

“For nothing,” Brett cut in before his body could betray him and continued to get dressed, hoping his lovers would follow his cue.

When he glanced back at them, though, it became clear that they weren’t ready to go home, far from it. On the contrary, they seemed preparing for one more round. Endless stamina could be a curse.

Brett swallowed hard, forgetting what to do with the t-shirt in his hands.

Lisa pulled her mouth away from Leo’s and grinned up at Brett. “If you really want to go, just take the car,” she said teasingly. “We’ll still be there before you.”

With that, she returned to kissing Leo – although kissing was only part of it.

Annoyed that they didn’t value their own safety as much as he did, Brett huffed and resolutely turned his back on them to go back to the clearing above the cliff, a curtain of trees hiding it from the road. The car and Leo’s motorcycle waited there.

He paused with a hand on the driver’s door. His hearing was nowhere near as good as a vampire’s, but he could still hear them above the rumble of the ocean, quiet sounds and stifled moans that sparked a hundred, a thousand delicious images in his mind.

His gaze fell on the bike and he considered it for a moment. It was a really fast bike. And Leo was an excellent driver. Also, at this hour the roads would be deserted all the way back to the club…

With a sigh, he closed the car door again and started back toward the plateau. He had hoped to observe them for a few seconds – they were so beautiful together – but as soon as he reached the curtain of small trees, they turned twin, inviting grins toward him.

They had been waiting for him. Clearly, they knew him better than he knew himself. Pulling his t-shirt over his head again, he joined them.

An hour or so later, he parked the car next to the bike in the garage and closed the door over the light of the rising sun. They were both waiting for him again, this time by the staircase. They all went back to bed together.

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