Friday, May 27, 2011

Flashfiction - Adventurous

300 words featuring the characters from Out of the Box.


“You are impossible!” I hissed, looking around us in worry. It was so dark that I could barely see where I was going.

Anando’s laugh echoed against the brick walls of the narrow cul de sac. “You keep saying that and yet, there you are.”

The worst part was, he was right. I had needed nothing more than a smile and a wink from him to follow his lead. Even with the air conditioning at full blast, the club had felt too hot after a couple hours of dancing, and a bit of fresh air had sounded like a great idea. I just hadn’t expected him to take me to a back alley.

Then again, this was Anando. By now, I should have learned to expect anything from him.

As he guided me until my back was pressed against a wall, I craned my neck to look toward the end of the alley. It was at a slight angle, enough so to block the view from the street, but my heart didn’t stop thundering.

I rested my hand on top of his on my thigh and prevented it from drifting upward. “Someone could see us,” I whispered urgently.

“It never stopped us before,” he murmured, his lips so close to the scars on my neck that electricity sparked through me.

My resistance was wavering. I searched for another reason to say no – because he was right, the possibility that we might get caught had never been a deal breaker – but I couldn’t think of anything. He always makes it hard to think.

And thinking wasn’t the only thing that was hard…

“You’re impossible,” I said again, at a loss for anything more decisive.

Anando did have the most seductive laugh I had ever heard. How could I have resisted, really?

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