Sunday, July 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Living Out of the Box (Paranormal Erotica)

Another participation to Six Sentence Sunday, a weekly blog event during which authors post 6 sentences, no more, no less, from one of their works, either published or yet to be published.

This week, I am sharing another bit from Living Out of the Box. I posted the entire first chapter as a sneak preview a few days ago; this excerpt comes toward the end of the novel.


“Maybe,” I said slowly, becoming more certain with every word that passed my lips, “I liked watching you and him together because… because it’s something I can’t do for you.” I cleared my throat and finished even more quietly, “Being inside you, I mean, making you feel good that way.”

The most peculiar expression settled on Anando’s features and he watched me so intently that I started wondering if I had said something that bothered him. As it turned out, it was quite the opposite.

“You could,” he said simply. “If you wanted to.”

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