Sunday, January 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Losing His Wings (Fantasy Romance)

Another participation to Six Sentence Sunday, a weekly blog event during which authors share six sentences from one of their works.

This week, I'm sharing a bit from Losing his Wings, my latest 99 cents release.


It wasn’t long before she found what she was looking for, hidden behind a succession of heavy, velvet-like curtains that she parted with just a thought. Hidden like precious and unattainable treasures, like moments that ought not to be desired at all, were images of gentle touching and loving caresses, tender kisses, lovemaking that was about two souls connecting more than it was about bodies reaching eluding pleasure together. A thousand, a million couples, all different, and yet all the same for the love they exuded. One by one, she picked the nicest pairs, not bothering to choose couples that resembled the two of them. A man and a woman, two men together, two women, this all was nothing more than flesh and it mattered little to him, she could see that now. What did matter was the yearning that echoed through him as she filled his conscious mind with these images that he had collected himself, the yearning for a connection that, because of what he was, what he did, he was forbidden to forge.

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