Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flashfiction - Trixie

The world from Fangs & Lullabies from a different point of view...


I don’t remember much from the time Before, just that at first there were others like me keeping me warm, and then I was alone and cold. That was when the Big One found me. He smelled strange, like nothing I’d ever smelled. He didn’t smell like warmth or safety at all, and I was scared, especially when he picked me up in that big hand of his, up, high, higher than I’d ever been. But he was gentle, and he put me in a snug, comfy place, and when he took me out again he gave me a pet human of my very own.

I like my pet human very, very much. The Big One calls him Jacob, but to me he is just my pet. He keeps my cups full of water and food, and cleans up after me. In return, I keep his bed warm and allow him to pet me at least once a day. The sad thing is that he leaves our home every day to go Outside. I know firsthand that Outside is a very dangerous place, so I always worry when he’s gone, and make sure he’s all right when he returns. He always smells like interesting things when he does, like sunshine and wind and plants and other people, but all these treasures he brings back with him are not worth the risk of going Outside.

Time passes slowly when my pet is gone, so sometimes I find comfort with the Big One. It’s my ‘thank you’ to him for giving me my pet. Unfortunately, he likes to play with Big Shoulders, and Big Shoulders and I are not friends. He seems to think that the Big One and my pet and everything else in our home is his. I’ve tried to teach him better, but he just won’t learn. Silly Big Shoulders. I remember my pet calling him that when I first arrived in my new home. Silly, indeed. Big Shoulders wouldn’t believe I was a lady and he kept trying to call me weird things. My pet didn’t let him, though. He knew what my name was, right from the start. He’s a very clever pet. And I’m a very lucky Trixie.

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