Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flashfiction - untitled

A scene with two new characters. MM, naughty.


James awakens in a jump, the feeling of something being taken from him drifting through indistinct dreams. He tightens his fingers over the beer bottle, but already it’s being tugged from his grip, and in the glow of the tv he sees it being set on the coffee table, next to James’ feet and the other empty bottle he drank earlier.

“You could have waited for me,” Tony protests as he plops himself on the couch next to him.

“Did.” James yawns. “Got tired of waiting.”

“It’s not even two.”

The follow-up James expects never comes; Tony has waited for him ‘til much later than this, more than once. He’s not one to bring up that kind of things, though. Not one to offer anything that might sound like the beginning of jealousy. Not one to tolerate jealousy if it’s offered to him, either. That works out well for both of them.

Stretching his arms above his head, James looks sideways at him. The tie is gone, his shirt’s first three buttons undone, and there’s that smile, that pretty, pretty smile stretched on that pretty red mouth that drew James in from the first time they met. Prettier than a girl’s mouth; dirtier, too. Even now, he can’t help but reach out and curl a hand at the back of Tony’s neck so he can pull him in and taste that pretty mouth again.

When Tony left that morning, he tasted like toothpaste; now, there’s a hint of cigarette and alcohol lingering on his tongue when it curls around James’.

“So how was the office party?” James asks when he pulls away. He doesn’t go far, lips brushing against stubble that feels even coarser after the softness of red warmth. His fingers work at the remaining buttons he helped fasten in the morning. “Did the boss make one of those grand speeches that bore everyone to tears?”

Tony shrugs, not quite hard enough to dislodge James’ hands when they drift to the fly of his pants.

“You know him. He likes the sound of his own voice. When he started, I sneaked out for—”

He hisses when James’ hand slides in and finds his cock.

“A smoke,” James finishes for him.

Tony all but melts into the sofa cushions. “Yeah.”

A lazy smile curls Tony’s mouth and it seems even redder, suddenly. James wants to bite it. And does.

“Dunno why you guys always do that,” Tony says, humming softly, when James retreats. “Is it some alpha male thing?”

James raises an eyebrow at him, adding up two and two, coming up with just one possibility. He worked for that company for a long time before Tony was hired, and while they only overlapped for a few months, he noticed the way Tony’s supervisor looked at him – much like James himself did.

“And how’s Dave?” he asks. “Still preying on the young and innocent?”

Tony laughs, though it turns into something deeper when James’s fist tightens over his cock and slides up in a slow, teasing motion.

“About as much as… ngh… you do.”

Tony can play coy like no one else, hiding behind his bangs and blinking slowly over baby blue eyes, but the red curve of his mouth still looks like an invitation – like sex, pure, simple and uncomplicated.

James’ hand shakes a little when he pulls it out of Tony’s pants, uses it to shove his own jeans down instead. He leans back against the arm rest, his eyes on Tony’s mouth the entire time. Tony licks his lips; James groans, his cock twitching against his stomach.

“Show me,” he says, almost begs though he knows he doesn’t need to.

Already leaning forward toward James’ lap, Tony glances up. The flutter of eyelashes he offers looks so fucking innocent that James groans again even though he knows it’s an act.

“He was my first, you know,” Tony whispers, a confession that’s anything but.

James takes hold of his own cock and points it straight at Tony’s mouth, painting his lips with precome as he leans closer still.

“Mine too,” he lies. “Now show me.”

There was a time when Tony claimed not to like talking about the others. James never believed him. Hard to, when Tony’s cock always told a different story, when his tongue always worked a little harder afterwards. Now, he doesn’t protest anymore, and just parts his mouth over the head of James’ dick. They both moan.

James tilts his head back and closes his eyes, though in his mind he can still see that lovely mouth on his cock. Or maybe Dave’s. Damn but that’s a meeting he would pay to spy on. Or take part in.

“Yeah, just like that,” he murmurs, fingers sweeping through Tony’s hair. “Such a good boy.”

Tony sucks a little faster, adds a hint of teeth, and James’ eyes pop open. When he looks down, Tony locks eyes with him and slides down, lower, deeper, until James’ cock has nowhere else to go, wet heat surrounding him from room to tip.

“Such a beautiful cocksucker,” he breathes, and Tony grins around him before sucking harder still.

For a second, James wonders if Dave let Tony fuck him, after. He used to let James do it whenever James came up with a really good idea to soften the blow of claiming it as his own. It doesn’t matter, though. Whether he did or not, Tony will tell James everything about it when he’s balls deep inside James’ ass. After all, it’s their job to twist the truth and make it prettier – as pretty as those red lips sliding over his cock.

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