Monday, February 20, 2012

Flashfiction - Wine

With the characters from On The Edge.


It’s still early when Leo comes down to the club. Only half the lights are on, and darkness clings to the room, so that the large space seems cozy, almost intimate. Stepping behind the bar, he sets three glasses on the counter and opens the door to the wine cabinet. He picks up a bottle, reads the label, changes his mind twice and finally settles on a sweeter wine with a smooth finish.

As he uncorks the bottle, the door at the back of the room creaks open; Lisa comes out, her heels clicking softly on the floor. She’s wearing a skin-tight dress that makes Leo thirst for a lot more than wine. Leo starts pouring as she comes and sits in front of him. Before the second glass is full, a different door opens, and Brett comes out of his office. He looks towards the bar, smiles, and comes to join them.

None of them says a word as they raise their drinks. The light clinking of their glasses when they come together says it all.

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