Saturday, February 4, 2012

Of MM, MF, MMM, MMF, ....

When I first started writing, way back then in my fanfiction days, I was strictly a het writer... but I would sneak to the 'other side' and read M/M stories, too worried about what anyone would think of me reading them to dare leave feedback for the authors. And then one day it hit me. What was I worried about? I was reading stories that told about love, and relationships, and heartbreak, and okay, *sex*, but all these were the same things I wrote about in my stories. The gender of the characters didn't change anything.

With much trepidation - and it turned out, to the happiness of my readers - I popped my M/M cherry and started writing both M/M and M/F to the point that, today, I write both without ever thinking twice about it. I think most writers focus on one or the other, but for me it's never been an option. I enjoy both too much.

I know some of my readers might not appreciate my M/M - I know it because I've heard from some of them, especially when I write a threesome and my heroes 'play' with each other as well as with the heroine. In Living Out of the Box, in particular, one reader was really upset that the hero, Anando, seemed to enjoy bottoming for another man under the heroine's directions. I am sorry when that happens, but I'd never NOT write a scene or a book because of fears I might turn off readers.

The one limit I have is that I don't write full F/F stories. (I've had very minor glimpses of it when the story called for it, but nothing major.) It's not because I have an issue with two women together, but rather because of the way I write. I'm a very visual person, and when I write I 'see' the scene in my mind. It's just a lot more fun for me to mentally ogle characters with dangly bits (or not so dangly if you know what I mean... ) than to imagine characters with boobs. I've got some of those and some days they're more trouble than they're worth ;)

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