Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - His Sire's New Pet (Paranormal BDSM)

This week, for Six Sentence Sunday I'm sharing an itsy bit of my upcoming release, His Sire's New Pet. If this makes you want more, I'll post an excerpt this coming week... and the ebook will be released on the 13th! It's my Valentine's Day story this year... although I should say my 'anti-valentine' because these gentlemen have no use for flowers or romance...


Jeremy sighed, and brushed a thumb across Tyler’s lips. “All right,” he murmured. “As long as you understand that he won’t make it easy on you because you’re human or new at all this.”

Relief swept over Tyler’s features like a wave. “I do understand,” he said, and if his voice trembled again, it was now from eagerness. “I get it, really; I want this.”

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