Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flashfiction - Madame

The prompt I was given was 'Madame'. The characters are from my first novel, CheckMate.


The office door is closed, and still Lilia cringes. That’s the inconvenient thing about vampire hearing: she can’t not hear.

Vincent has been in front of his computer for a couple hours already, like he has been every day for the past week. His accent…

She sighs as he mispronounces another word.

His accent isn’t getting any better.

She’s not sure what prompted this sudden desire to learn French, or why he figured that learning with a computer program would be any better than finding a class – or hey, ask her to teach him. He’s trying, though, and she has to respect that.

She respects his efforts enough, in fact, not to point out that, technically, being Mated is the equivalent of being married, and he ought to call her ‘Madame’ rather than ‘Mademoiselle.’ Besides, she likes it a lot more when he calls her ‘mon amour.’

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