Friday, April 6, 2012

Flashfiction - Platinum

Set after Blurred Memories… Long after…


Platinum, because Kate’s eyes are gray, and all that more precious for it. A blue stone for the month of her birth; her second birth, the one that made her theirs, truly and forever. Blake and Marc talked - argued - about it for weeks, and finally agreed on a ring with two delicate curves wrapped around the gem, like their bodies wrap around hers, sometimes.

The image of the ring is engraved in Blake’s mind, and yet as they return from the store he fishes the box out of Marc’s pocket once more and flips it open with his thumb. The stone catches a stray beam of moonlight and gleams softly.

“What if she doesn’t like it?” he mutters, flipping the box shut again.

Marc plucks the box out of Blake’s hand. He doesn’t say anything, and wait for Blake to look at him to roll his eyes.

Blake can’t help but grin at his own silliness. “Of course she’ll like it,” he answers his own question.

“Of course,” Marc echoes, and the rumble of a laugh in his voice fails to hide his own nervousness.

What a pair they make…

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