Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ask Anando

Kim asked: Dearest Anando, Since you are a creature of intense sensuality and of a long time, I was wondering... if your lady was willing, what would be your deepest, darkest, sexual desire? And why? Please be specific with lots of details!! ;)
Sincerely yours, Kim

Anando's answer:

Intense sensuality, hmm? I think i like that description!

If my lady was willing… well, in truth there isn’t much that Virginia refused to consider after I suggested it. She still hasn’t said yes to fisting (I trust i do not need to explain the act to you?) but she hasn’t said no either, which only means I need to try a little harder to convince her. As to why I want this… I know I have her trust, she has proved it to me many times, in many ways. But I guess I have this desire to touch her in a way no one else ever has, and no one else ever will; to push her limits just a little more, and watch her eyes widen and take that look I love so much to see in them, that look that says ‘you were right’ and ‘do that again’ and ‘why did I wait so long to say yes?’ all at the same time.

Now if we are talking in a more general manner…

I’ve never killed anyone. I’ve never wanted to kill anyone, not even to turn them, nor do I plan to. But I have wondered, sometimes, what it would feel to not only bite someone while I’m inside their body, but to keep drinking beyond a few mouthfuls. To keep drinking until their heart stutters and stops, with their body still shaking against mine from their orgasm. Would their blood taste different? Would they realize they were dying or feel too good to even care?

I’m never going to do it, but I wonder, sometimes. I hope I didn’t shock you by admitting this. I did say I would be fully honest.

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