Sunday, July 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Demons & Lullabies (MM Paranormal Romance)

Another glimpse of the upcoming Demons & Lullabies for Six Sentence Sunday. Like in Fangs & Lullabies, each chapter focuses on a different year in Jacob's life. This excerpt takes place exactly one year after Nicholas comes back to Andrew.

"Aren’t you getting enough action in bed?”

Sprawled on the sofa with his feet on the coffee table and a very obvious bulge pushing at the denim of his pants, Nicholas turned a leer up at Andrew. “Just getting ideas for later,” he said before licking his lips suggestively.

Another sigh, and Andrew glanced at the television to confirm what the high-pitched moans had already told him. On the screen, a busty redhead was offering an enthusiastic blowjob to a grunting man. If Andrew rolled his eyes any more, he might hurt himself.

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