Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Demons & Lullabies (Paranormal MM Romance)

It looks like Demons & Lullabies (and the freebie Forgotten Lullabies) might be released sooner than I expected... Crossing my fingers for the end of the summer and in the meantime, here's another glimpse of them for Six Sentence Sunday. Like in Fangs & Lullabies, each chapter focuses on a different year in Jacob's life. In this excerpt, a 3 years old Jacob had a nightmare and asked to sleep in his dads' bed. As soon as he is sound asleep, Andrew and Nicholas tiptoe to the bathroom for some adult time...


“Good boy,” Andrew crooned. “Now turn for me, hands on the wall. That’s it, baby. Just like that.”

Nicholas didn’t know how Andrew could do it; how he could call Jacob 'baby' with rainbows and spun sugar in his voice, and say the same word to Nicholas and have it dripping sex. It was almost like two completely different words, and maybe, to him, they were.

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