Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flashfiction Prompt - Paranorm Personals

Another flashfiction piece. The prompt was given to me by a FB friends, and the flashfiction ended up being an instant message conversation...

PARANORM PERSONALS: SWF- seeking male paranorm for candor, company, captivation, and carnality. Must have a sense of humor and enjoy good food& drink. Lots of passion for life and a strong sexual stamina are a must!


IBiteButNotTooHard is now online

Glinda88 is now online

IBiteButNotTooHard – Hi Glinda

Glinda88 – Hi… huh, what should I call you? Not gonna type that long name every time

IBiteButNotTooHard – LOL My name’s Joel. I’m assuming Glinda’s not your real name either?

Glinda88 – That’s for me to know and for you to find out if we ever have a real date… ;)

IBiteButNotTooHard - *gasp* you mean you don’t think this is a real date? I got dressed up and everything for it! Even shaved!

Glinda88 – if THAT is clean shaven for you, I kinda wanna see you au naturel. It must be something.

Glinda88 – And I’m sorry but you’ll have to do better than a band t-shirt if we have that date.

Glinda88 – Joel?

IBiteButNotTooHard – Yeah.

IBiteButNotTooHard – I was just checking that my webcam was off. I forgot for a minute that I don’t HAVE a webcam.

Glinda88 - *snerk*

IBiteButNotTooHard – you want to tell me how you know what I’m wearing or what I look like?

Glinda88 – It’s an easy spell. It turns your screen pretty much into a one-way window.

IBiteButNotTooHard – And you don’t think that’s cheating?

Glinda88 – you knew I was a witch when you first contacted me. What did you expect?

IBiteButNotTooHard – Not that, that’s for sure. I guess it could have been worse. I just took a shower. I could have sat there in nothing but my towel.

Glinda88 – I fail to see how that would have been worse *grin*

IBiteButNotTooHard – LOL

Glinda88 – Liar. You’re not laughing, just smiling. Nice smile, BTW.

IBiteButNotTooHard – I’m laughing inside. And you still didn’t answer. You don’t think this is a date?

Glinda88 – Well I haven’t been on a date in a long time but from what I remember we would have to go **somewhere** for this to be a date.

IBiteButNotTooHard – On the other hand you practically invited yourself into my bedroom.

Glinda88 – Another proof that this isn’t a date. I have a strict ‘no bedroom until the fourth or fifth date’ policy.

IBiteButNotTooHard – So what am I supposed to do with my ‘strong sexual stamina’ until then?

Glinda88 – What were you doing with it until you answered my ad?

IBiteButNotTooHard – Depends. Most of the time, I have to find satisfaction with this.

Glinda88 – Nice hands. I like a man with nice, strong hands.

Glinda88 – And the rest of the time?

IBiteButNotTooHard – Well at the full moon I get a different kind of exercise.

Glinda88 – Oooooh… werewolf?

IBiteButNotTooHard – panther, actually.

Glinda88 – oh I loooove kitties!

IBiteButNotTooHard – LMAO pretty sure you’ll change your mind if we ever meet on a full moon.

Glinda88 – oh, I don’t know. I’ve got a few handy spells for this kind of things.

IBiteButNotTooHard – you do? What kind of spells?

Glinda88 – my favorite one, you get to keep your human body and a bit of your mind, but your…animal-ity remains pretty strong.

Glinda88 - Judging by your gaping mouth, I wanna say you’re interested.

IBiteButNotTooHard – I didn’t even know something like that was possible.

Glinda88 – Not on the actual full moon, but the day before or after? Oh yeah.

IBiteButNotTooHard – And you know this because..?

Glinda88 – I used to date a werewolf. It was fun but I’m more of a cat person.

IBiteButNotTooHard – I see.

Glinda88 – That’s an interesting expression you have there. What are you thinking?

IBiteButNotTooHard – I’m think it’s just a week to the full moon and according to your policy we’d have to go on four more dates before then. What are you doing tonight?

Glinda88 – Two dates in one day? My my my, aren’t we eager *grins*

IBiteButNotTooHard – I thought you said this wasn’t a date?

Glinda88 – Maybe I changed my mind…

Glinda88 – So where are you taking me tonight?

IBiteButNotTooHard – No clue but I’ll figure it out before we meet. Say, eight-ish? How about at the cafĂ© in front of Liberty Park? Do you know where that is?

Glinda88 – I do, yes. Eight. I’ll see you there.

IBiteButNotTooHard – how will I recognize you?

Glinda88 – I’ll be the one with the broomstick, pointy hat and crooked nose. ;-)

IBiteButNotTooHard – HA HA. But really?

IBiteButNotTooHard – Glinda?

IBiteButNotTooHard – You still there?

IBiteButNotTooHard – That wasn’t funny.

IBiteButNotTooHard – OK a little funny but really? Come on, tell me what you look like.

IBiteButNotTooHard – holy crap how did you… wow. Not sure I like you getting into my head like that. Sending me a pic would have been faster.

IBiteButNotTooHard – but you do have a lovely smile too

Glinda88 - :)

IBiteButNotTooHard – See you at 8

Glinda88 is now offline

IBiteButNotTooHard is now offline

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