Monday, June 18, 2012

Flashfiction - Name of a City

My first contribution to Tuesday Tales. The theme this week was ‘name of a city’ and it just had to be Haventown. Here’s Leo coming home, a prequel to On The Edge.


Leo’s hands clenched over the steering wheel and he scowled at nothing in particular as he passed yet another car. He was going too fast, but he really couldn’t have cared less. Despite leaving the motel right at sundown, Leo knew he’d be too late for his job interview.

A tiny part of him hoped the bar manager would still give him a chance; on the phone, he’d sounded really interested in hiring a vampire. That kind of attitude wasn’t exactly rare, but it wasn’t common either. Then again, in Leo’s experience it also wasn’t common to be hired when you were more than three hours late for the first interview.

In the distance, a sign on the side of the road reflected Leo’s headlights. He lifted his foot off the accelerator and unconsciously slowed down, smiling despite his annoyance even before he could read the once-familiar sign.

It had been fifteen years since he had left the city – and Beth. Of the two, he had missed Beth the most, of course, but this had been his home before chance and their Sire had linked Leo’s life and Beth’s forever. This was where he’d been born, where he’s grown up and lived. It was where he had died and been reborn as a vampire. Where he had learned to hunt, where he had learned to love – where he had hurt Beth more than he ever meant to. He knew those streets, the older neighborhoods in the center of town, the parks throughout the city, the smell of the ocean when the wind blew eastward.

Now that he was so close, with excitement coursing through him like sparks of electricity, he couldn’t help but wonder what would happen. Did Beth still call the city home? Had she stayed there after kicking him out of her life? He’d come back hoping he’d find her. He hoped even more that she had forgiven him and would let him back into her life. The bartending job was an excuse to return, but Beth was his true reason.

The car finally passed the sign, and Leo kept his eyes on it as long as he could.

The city of Haventown welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant stay!

In the passenger seat, Nikolas stretched and yawned. “Are we there yet? I’m getting hungry.”

Leo didn’t reply. He wished he’d come home alone. Maybe now that he was back to the beginning he’d find a way to sever the link that tied him to his Sire.

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