Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Bodyguards (Paranormal/Fantasy Romance)

Another Six Sentence Sunday with tidbits of my upcoming novel, Bodyguards, coming in November...

In this excerpt from the first chapter, the heroine, Vivien, has been having a tense discussion with her aunt.

“Child... There are things I need to tell you, will you sit with me?”

Vivien spread jam onto the toasted bread to the very edges on the crust with a single-minded focus—the same crusty edge she had once refused to eat. She was not a child anymore. Would Anabel ever realize that?

“I don’t have time now,” she said, clinging to restraint.


  1. I have to love this. She's got my name. :)

    1. omg.... I always think of you as your LJ name and it never even occurred to me! *facepalm*


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