Sunday, October 21, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Bodyguards (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Another Six Sentence Sunday with tidbits of my upcoming novel, Bodyguards, coming on November 12th...

Vivien was running when she found herself in the middle of a knife fight. Her friend Brad jumped in. Blood was drawn...


“You killed a man,” she breathed, her disbelief shattering in front of simple facts.

Brad considered her with eyes that had never seemed so cold before. “Two. They were going to take you, so I killed them. I will do it again any time I have to, this I swear to you. Now please, I need to get you to safety.”


  1. "...her disbelief shattering in front of simple facts." LOVE this description. I can feel it happening.

  2. Oh, I like Brad a lot! Great six! :)


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