Sunday, November 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Bodyguards (Paranormal/Fantasy Romance)

Another Six Sentence Sunday with tidbits of my upcoming novel, Bodyguards, coming in just 8 days!...

Vivien finds a clue to her past...


She opened the tissue paper, and something round and metallic fell into her open palm. Bradan held his breath as he recognized it. Each Celden ruler had worn the QuickSilver insignia, the men as a pin over their heart, the women as a pendant around their neck. It had been the visible symbol of who they were, like human rulers wore crowns. And from the time of Lahien the Great, all members of the QuickSilver Guard had worn the same symbol imprinted on their skin.

Without thinking, Bradan dropped to one knee in front of Vivien and raised his hand toward her, closed into a fist, his wrist facing up.

The swirls and spirals of the tattoo gleaming on his skin were a match for the finely crafted metal in Vivien’s trembling hand.


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