Monday, January 7, 2013

Character Interview - Andrew, Nicholas and Jacob

This interview was originally written for and posted on GraveTells in September 2012. I am reposting it here because my OCD demands that I archive all I write ;)


Today I’ll be interviewing Andrew, Nicholas and Jacob from my stories Fangs and Lullabies and the new release Demons and Lullabies. As a vampire, Andrew never imagined he would have a human child, but a very determined woman who wanted to have a child with him used magic to give him a son, Jacob. When she died in childbirth, Andrew decided to raise Jacob on his own, but the reappearance of his long estranged Childe Nicholas gave Jacob a second Dad. We’re going to start by talking to Andrew and Nicholas. Vampires, fathers, demon fighters, partners, Sire and Childe… There are many ways to describe you, gentlemen, but I’m curious as to how you would describe each other. One word, please.

Nicholas (with a huge grin): Control freak.

Andrew (he rolls his eyes): That’s two words.

Nicholas: See what I mean? He’s all about rules.

Andrew: And you, in one word, are a pain.

Nicholas (he ticks words off on his fingers as he goes): Stubborn. Controlling. Intransigent. Martyr. Perfectionist. Jealous. Handsome.

Andrew: I’m not—Wait. What?

Kallysten: Andrew, about that controlling aspect of your nature. Do you think it goes too far, sometimes? There have been instances in the past when you resolved disagreements in a very physical way. An episode comes to mind in which Nicholas disappeared for a few hours on Jacob’s birthday and you welcomed him home with a punch to the face. What would you say to those who think this is abuse?

Nicholas (His eyes narrow and he drops the smile): Abuse? Where on earth did you get that idea?

Andrew: I think the question was directed toward me.

Nicholas: Yeah, well, I’m the one who got punched, and I think I have the right to decide if it’s abuse or not.

Kallysten: Okay. What do you think? You certainly seem to seek punishment at times.

Nicholas (He snorts): I think I’m a freaking vampire. (He flashes his fangs.) I think it’s no one’s business if I enjoy a bit of pain every now and then. And I think I’d be damn well capable of protecting myself if I minded. Which I don’t. Got it?

Kallysten: Crystal clear. Andrew, do you want to add anything?

Andrew: Just that this is very much a Nicholas thing. I never raised a hand to my other Childer. I’d have cut my own hands rather than strike Cara or Jacob. But Nicholas… you heard him. That’s what he wants, at times. And at times he wants to kneel and be told what to do. And at other times he wants to be the one leading. We’re going to be together a long time. If we did the same thing every night, it’d get boring and fast. If there’s anything life with Nicholas isn’t, it’s boring.

Nicholas: Aww, I think that’s the sweetest thing you ever said about me. Next you’re gonna say you looooove me.

Andrew (embarrassed): Oh, shut up.

Kallysten: Actually, I was going to ask at some point, it might as well be now. Andrew, why haven’t you ever told Nicholas you love him?

Andrew: Who says I haven’t?

Nicholas: I say it. Feel free to prove me wrong right now. (He grins.)

Andrew (He clears his throat): Well, I guess… I guess I’d rather show it than use the words.

Nicholas: You say it to the tyke all the time!

Andrew: Well that’s different, he’s my son. You’re…

Nicholas: Yes?

Andrew: A pain.

Nicholas: And you love me for it, admit it.

Andrew: Can we move on to the next question?

Kallysten: I suppose. Unless there’s anything you want to tell Nicholas? No? Are you sure? All right, then. Nicholas, the next one is for you. Andrew made it clear over the years that he didn’t want Jacob to learn to fight but you trained Jacob to use a sword when he was just six years old, and then later you taught him hand to hand combat. Was it just another way to antagonize Andrew?

Nicholas (He huffs): I was not teaching him sword fighting when he was six. We were playing. Can’t anyone tell the difference?

Kallysten: Let me rephrase. Did you want Jacob to fight demons, like he has resolved to do?

Nicholas: Of course not. What kind of idiotic question is that? What parents in their right mind would want their child to fight demons?

Kallysten: So why teach him?

Nicholas: You think he wouldn’t have wanted to fight if I hadn’t? He’d have just found someone else to teach him. He’d have trained by himself. Or he’d have waited to be old enough to go to the Academy. One way or the other, once he decided this was what he’d do, he’d have done it, because he’s just as stubborn as his father. So I figured that if I trained him myself at least his training would be good.

Kallysten: All right, at this time I’d like to invite the third member of your family to join us. Welcome, Jacob, and thanks for being here. I’m sure an eighteen year old has plenty of things to do. Especially since you’ll be leaving for the Academy soon, won’t you?

Jacob: In two weeks. And I’m seventeen. My birthday’s next month.

Kallysten: Yes, of course. Can you tell me what going to the Academy means to you? Traditionally, young people who attend want to become Special Enforcers, which is the official title for vampire hunters. But with two vampires as fathers I’m assuming tracking vampires is not exactly your priority.

Jacob: S.E.s don’t track all vampires. Only the ones who kill humans. And I’d have no issue doing that. But for me the Academy is mostly a way to further my training to combat demons. Both my dads trained me, but it’s good to have multiple mentors, so I’ll have more options.

Kallysten: Andrew, I see you grimacing. Anything you want to say?

Andrew: Just that… (He sighs.) No, nothing to add.

(Nicholas snickers.)

Kallysten: One more question for question for Jacob and we’ll wrap things up. You have a strong desire to fight demons. How much of it comes from wanting to do the right thing, and how much from guilt? As I understand it, you believe your mother was responsible for opening the way to demons when she performed magic to get pregnant with you.

Andrew (angrily): We’re done here. That’s not—

Jacob: It’s okay, Dad. But I don’t know if I can answer. I’ve never really asked myself why. It just always felt like something I had to do. I’m not saying it’s my destiny or anything like that. It was my choice. But at the same time, I’m not sure I could have ever chosen any differently.

Kallysten: Thank you, Jacob, and to you too, Andrew and Nicholas. To finish, I’d like again to ask you to use one word and one word only this time to describe your family.

Andrew: Unexpected.

Nicholas: Extraordinary.

Jacob: Normal.


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