Friday, January 18, 2013

Flashfiction - Long nights

Today, a snippet set between Blurred Bloodlines and Blurred Memories.


After those nights, Marc always wondered what to say, if anything. Surely, he ought to try to coax out of Blake what was going on in his head, and what kind of nightmares were slithering out of the shadows and making him shake so hard.

But even when the nightmares rolled over him like waves night after night, Blake did a fine job of pretending nothing was happening. And if Marc even began to hint at anything, Blake shut down, glared, and slept on the sofa or in his old bed, and that wasn’t helping anything or anyone. It didn’t help either that Kate always looked so hurt when it happened

So Marc keeps his mouth shut, as difficult as it sometimes was. When the nightmares returned, when Blake whimpered in his sleep or curled into a tight, trembling ball, Marc carefully wrapped his arms around him and muttered reassuring nonsense until the nightmare went away, or until Blake woke up. Kate’s hand joined his on Blake’s back, sometimes. Sometimes, her presence only made things more difficult. That, too, hurt her.

Marc wished he could have done more for Blake, for both of them, but he had accepted that some things couldn’t be fixed with a snap of fingers or a spark of magic.

Still, the nightmares weren’t as frequent as they used to be. Some day they’d stop, and then, maybe, they would talk.

He and Blake had nothing but time, but for Kate’s sake, he hoped it was soon.

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  1. Oh WOW!! This is pretty damn good!! I want more!! I haven't read anything with two men and a woman or anything like that. But this sounds so good! I checked out the other books in this series and now I'M DEFINITELY getting this series!!! I didn't want the story to end. I wanted to read more! Thank you so much for sharing parts of your stories and I'm so glad that I found these flash fiction. I'll be here more often now!!
    Also I LOVE your SWAG!! I have a few things and they are definitely my favorite!!


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