Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Five - 5 standalones that weren't

I like lists. They make my OCD tendencies very happy. So here's a new feature for this blog...

Today, 5 of my books that started out as standalones but ended up spawning more stories.

# On The Edge - All I wanted to know was who the owners of the club On The Edge were, and how they'd first come together (pun very much intended!). Somehow, I just kept writing about them after that.

# The original Out of the Box series - Now, when I wrote the very first installment, I knew there'd be at least one sequel. probably more. But by the time I wrote #10, I was sure I was done with Anando and Virginia's story. How wrong I was... Living Out of the Box gave them new toys to play with. Beyond The Edge will see their family grow. Will there be more after that? I don't *think* so, but I've learned not to say no to these two...

# Carte Blanche - I always envisioned Carte Blanche as a standalone, like the other books in the Special Enforcers series, and I was the first surprised when I wrote first one short story sequel, then another. I'm not thinking about a third one...

# His Sire's New Pet - I resisted for a long time, but I finally had to admit it to myself: these three gentlemen weren't done. On sequel to come next month; probably another one after that... It's always odd to add to a story I had intended to be purely erotic with little or no romance. I discover more about the characters as I delve into their relationship and how it's evolving, and it feels very odd from true standalones for which I know all about the characters by the time I finish writing the first draft.

# CheckMate - My very first novel... And truthfully, it still *is* a standalone. But I've written more flashfiction for Lilia and Vincent than for any other characters, and if I put it all together It'd probably be at least a novella, maybe a full length novel.

Is there any story that YOU would like to see me add to?

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