Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sexy Saturdays - Lilia and Vincent's Mating

For this week's Sexy Saturday, here is my first published adult scene. Almost 8 years already...

In CheckMate, Special Enforcer Vincent Jordan and his prey, vampire Lilia, have been caught in an accidental love spell. Moments ago, they were each ready to kill the other, and now... Now Lilia has asked Vincent a very unexpected question...


As soon as Lilia proposed, Vincent knew.

It was unexpected, of course, he had never thought a woman, let alone Lilia, would propose to him. He was old-fashioned enough to have thought, once or twice, that he would be the one getting down on one knee, some day. But none of it mattered, as he instantly knew he had to say yes, there really wasn’t any other answer possible. It was the logical conclusion to seven years of knowing her, seven years of fighting because it was the easy thing to do, easier than to admit to her or even to himself that he was attracted to her. No, it was more than attraction; it was love. He loved the banter they shared, loved to fight with her, loved that neither of them ever got the upper hand. She was his equal, his match, what he had been looking for in all the women he had ever met, what he had glimpsed in Emma but never truly found until now. And that was why he wanted more than a simple wedding. His beloved was a vampire, and he wanted to honor her by following vampire customs.

He had read about it years earlier, when he had first started studying vampires and their lore. Knowing what he was fighting had always been an imperative for him, and he had never ceased to look for new books, new information, anything to understand his prey better. Despite the years that had passed and the lack of thought he had given it since reading about it, he remembered in detail the description of the Mating ritual between vampires; he remembered, also, that it could be done between vampire and human. A ritual of love and belonging that left each lover marked forever; it was the perfect union for them.

“I’ll marry you,” he replied, breathless from both the kiss they had shared and what he was about to suggest. “But I don’t want you only as my wife. I want you as my Mate, too.” His voice became quieter at the sudden realization of how bold he was. “If you will have me, that is.”

Her eyes widened in surprise as he stumbled a little on the words. He wished he had been able to say it as calmly, as beautifully as she had when proposing but he was just too excited and too nervous for that.

“You mean it?” she asked, her voice raw with what Vincent hoped was desire. “You really want to be my Mate?”

He nodded and tried to find something romantic to say, something Lilia could remember and smile about a hundred years from now, but already her mouth was on his and there was nothing for him to do but hold her tighter and lose himself in her.

The rest was a blur of motions and sensations. They divested each other right where they stood, clothes landing haphazardly on the tombstones around them. Vincent’s heart hammered in his chest as he finally discovered the silk of Lilia’s skin, and he thought he would die when her hands slid up over his chest, cool but not cold, pulling his t-shirt off and setting his nerves on fire in the same movement. Boots and pants were a bit trickier, the first because of fastenings that shaky hands had trouble undoing, the second because they were tight as a second skin on Lilia. Finally, they were nude in front of each other.

“You’re beautiful,” they said in the same moment, and grinned at how their thoughts mirrored each other.

“I never imagined this would happen,” Lilia confided in a whisper as she reached out to caress Vincent lightly, her fingers gliding from his shoulder down to his hand, which she clasped in hers.

“Me neither. But it makes so much sense. Why did we wait so long?”

He had pulled her to him as he answered, and now their bodies were touching and it was just perfect. Perfect, but not enough.

“I don’t know. But I won’t wait a minute longer.”

With that, she covered his mouth with hers again, and everything but sensations ceased to have meaning. They sank to the soft, cool grass together and the gentle kiss and gentler touches slowly became passionate and demanding. Lilia’s mouth and hands drove Vincent out of his mind, making him harder if that was possible, making him ache for her. He gave as good as he received, teasing her nipples into hard nubs with his tongue and teeth, tweaking her clit between his fingers until she panted and pleaded in his ear:

“Please, Vincent, now. Want to feel you. All of you.”

He would have given his life for her at that moment, if that were what she had requested.

The world stood still when he finally slid into her, slowly and savoring the powerful sensation of her tightness around him. At last, he was sheathed in her, and it felt as though the urgency had disappeared, and been replaced by this intense peace and feeling of rightness. They looked into each other’s eyes, smiled and Vincent couldn’t have said which of them initiated the kiss as they leaned toward each other’s mouth at the same instant. It was just lips at first, a caress more than a kiss, until Lilia ran the tip of her tongue against his bottom lip, requesting, and being granted, entrance. As her tongue slipped inside his mouth, Vincent couldn’t bear remaining still anymore and started moving in her, following the lazy rhythm of her tongue as it danced against his.

He soon had to break the kiss to catch his breath, and took advantage of this brief separation to intensify his thrusting, pulling moans from Lilia’s throat and raspy requests of harder, please, love. Hands gripping her hips tight, he was all too happy to oblige, and thought he would lose control when she angled her hips to meet him, thrust for thrust, her hands playing over his chest before they twined at the back of his head and pulled him down. As he teetered on the edge of bliss, Lilia guided his mouth to her neck, nuzzled his, murmured, “Together”, and the world shattered behind Vincent’s closed eyelids.

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