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Sexy Saturday - The Mating Ceremony

For today's Sexy Saturday, I've brushed off the dust from an old, odd little bit of story I first posted in 2006. In CheckMate, Lilia alluded to a Mating she had once witnessed. This is it. I've 'tagged' this as Checkmate because I wanted it tagged as something, but really the CheckMate connection is only a couple of names - blink and you'll miss it!

One last note - this is very much a 'naughty' piece with very little plot - if any at all. It was written purposefully as such. I hope you'll find something to enjoy in it anyway..!


The silk robe covering Corelle was as sensuous as her Sire’s hand on her, and with each step she could feel her nipples tighten against the fabric, and the folds of her sex grow slicker with her own wetness. The anticipation of what was to come had rendered her whole body hypersensitive for the past few nights, but now that the moment had arrived, she was wondering whether she would reach her climax before her Sire even touched her, before he bit her and she him, joining their lives even more tightly.

She took a deep breath when she reached the door—as shaky as it was unneeded—then opened it to their guests with a gracious smile that, she hoped, hid her nervousness. It wasn’t what she and David were about to do that made her so anxious. Instead, it was the prospect of having witnesses while they did. And not just any witnesses, but some of the most respected vampires of the country. The last one to arrive with his Childe, Nathanael, radiated a confidence and strength that Corelle could only hope to achieve in hundreds of years.

She led the way back to the bedchambers, then waited patiently as Nathanael saluted the other Masters before showing him and Liliane where they may sit on the available sofas and armchairs arranged around the bed. She caught David’s eyes across the room and gave him a tense smile. All their guests had arrived, and there was no reason to delay any longer.

Corelle would have welcomed darkness as she joined David at the foot of the bed. But like the presence of witnesses, she had bowed to her Sire’s wishes in that regard and accepted the oil lamps placed all around the room. A mating ceremony was rare, he had explained; rare enough to be shared with other vampires, and if they were there they might as well be able to clearly see what was going on.

Gently, as though sensing how nervous she was, David cupped her face with one hand and laid his lips upon hers. She welcomed the kiss with a quiet sigh and tried to focus on her Sire—on her lover and soon to be Mate—to the exclusion of anything else. Pulling back a little, David tugged on the sash of her robe and pushed it off her shoulders, replacing the caress of the silk with that of his hands. Her own were shaking a little when she reached for his robe and pushed away the garment.

She had seen him nude, had touched him with her hands and mouth countless times in the two decades since her siring, but it seemed like the first time all over again that they were standing in front of each other. She looked into his eyes, and the sparks of gold embedded in the green spoke of his desire for her and reassured her more than she had thought possible.

He had told her what was to happen, of course, but they had made no plan on how they would get to the Mating itself. Corelle followed her instincts and slid down to her knees. She had been aroused for hours, and now she wanted to taste her Sire before ever taking his blood. She wanted his pleasure on her tongue, and that breathlessness in his voice when he would say her name. She wanted him to come for her, by her, and now.

His cock had been at half-mast, but it jerked up at the instant she brushed her lips upon the tip. In the same instant, David’s hand came to rest at the back of her head, his fingers woven into her hair, and her own gripped the base of his dick, holding it steady as she led it past her lips.

Small flicks of her tongue and the barest scrape of her human teeth had David’s hips jerking forward and pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. She struggled for an instant to accommodate his girth, and he helped by backing away slightly, before thrusting back in. Relaxing her throat as much as she could, she let him set the pace. As his Childe, she was used to following his lead, and fell easily into a more passive role. David had been hinting that things would be different, once they were Mates. She could barely imagine it, and yet the idea was exciting.

Not as exciting, though, as the strong fingers tightening in her hair, or the salty drop she caught on the tip of her tongue when David slowly pulled out. She looked up at him, knowing better than to complain in front of their guests yet unable not to protest with her eyes. All he did was smile at her and gently take her hand from where it still held his cock.

“Lie down,” he requested softly, and helped her climb onto the bed.

She did so gingerly, aware of the many eyes looking at her when she arched up to help David position a pillow beneath her hips, or when the gentle pressure of his hands on her thighs demanded that she part her legs. One hand moved up to cover her right breast while the other slid to the apex of her legs. David slid two fingers over the wetness covering her sex before slowly pushing them in. She shivered at the dual sensation. Her nipple was hardening against David’s palm, and she wanted to arch into his fingers as they moved in and out of her in a mimicry of what his cock would soon do. After the anticipation of the past hours—of the past days—this was far from enough.

David seemed to understand because he finally climbed onto the bed and kneeled between her thighs.

“You want this?” he asked, now running his fingers along her folds.

“I want you,” Corelle said simply, putting all her need into her words—and cried out when David surged forward, his cock penetrating her to the hilt in one fast thrust.

With the pillow beneath her and David’s hands on her hips, angling them upward, the head of his cock was hitting that place inside her that always made her squirm and pant needlessly. If he kept the fast pace of his thrusts, she would never last until their Mating. Raising her legs to encircle his waist, she tried to pull him forward, where she would be able to run her hands over him, but he resisted her efforts.

“Touch yourself for me, my beauty. Cup your breasts. Just like that. Now your thumbs…yes…”

Corelle whimpered as she flicked her thumbs over her sensitive nipples; the sensation, along with David pushing harder inside her, was too much, too fast. She had thought their Mating would last for hours, that it would be something she would remember for the rest of eternity as her most glorious night, but she was so close to coming, already, and it felt as though they had barely started.

Without warning, David stopped. She could feel him trembling between her thighs, as though this had been the most difficult thing he had ever done. From her hips, his hands moved to her back and he pulled her up and onto his lap, his cock sliding in deeper as she straddled him. She wrapped her arms around him and met his eyes. She had been nervous and excited about this before, but when he guided her face to his neck with a soft hand at the back of her skull, she felt serene.

“With his exchange of blood,” he intoned formally, “my Childe and I will join our existences and become Mates. Will you bear witness?”

If there was an answer from their guests, Corelle did not hear it. David had started pumping his hips up again, and she accompanied his movements the best she could, recapturing the edge of orgasm she had wavered on only a moment earlier. His lips touched the crook of her neck, on the opposite side of where he had bitten her the night he had sired her. She knew it was time then, and let her fangs extend to bite down even as she felt his own pierce her skin.

The first mouthful of his blood was always strong enough to make her lightheaded, but this time it was different. Beyond the force of Sire’s blood, beyond the pleasure radiating through her body, she could feel the Mating bond settling on her, chains made of air that she would gladly wear until her death.

She wanted to say something, tell David that she understood, now, what the Mating was, better than she ever had. She wanted to thank him for sharing this with her. Wanted to tell him those words that vampires were not supposed to ever pronounce. But with her lips still pressed to his neck, and her body still shaking in his embrace, all she could do was keep her eyes shut tight and hold him tighter. And smile when he pulled her closer.

Eventually, after their bodies had stopped trembling, she raised her head from his shoulder to look at him. He was the same, and yet his eyes had a new light to them.

“It went too fast,” she murmured, unable to convey the depth of what she felt.

David smiled and turned his head to the side, drawing her attention to where some of their guests were undressing. Others were approaching the bed. A pair was already rutting on the floor.

“We’re only starting, my beauty.”

Somehow, she knew he wasn’t talking about pleasure... or at least not only...

the end

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