Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sexy Saturdays


This week, I invite you to attend a very special fashion show with a few of my leading men... Cue the music, a slow, deep drum beat...

The curtains part and a dark haired, dark eyed man strolls out onto the runway, wearing tight jeans and a black leather motorcycle jacket open on a snug, white t-shirt. On his feet, black leather boots match the jacket perfectly.

Announcer: Here now comes Leo, bartender at the renowned club On The Edge. Whether you’re up for a spin on a motorcycle or on the dance floor, Leo is your vampire, ladies and gentlemen.

Leo offers smiles to both sides of the runway as he swaggers on, easily sliding out of the jacket.

Announcer: But beware, this fine specimen is closely guarded by not one but two lovers, and I hear the human can be as possessive as the vampiress.

When he reaches the end of the runway, Leo swings the jacket over his shoulder, holding it with two crooked fingers. The simple white t-shirt shows off well defined abs along with tight biceps. He turns around and saunters back up the catwalk, flashing one last smile to the crowd before exiting behind the curtains.

Announcer: Thank you, Leo, and I’ll take one of your famous cocktails whenever you have a minute.

A hand swings the curtains open and out comes a tall, lanky man, his head topped by blue hair so dark it seems black. He’s wearing a perfectly tailored navy suit that shows off his shoulders. The shirt peeking underneath is a stark white that makes his skin seem even paler. Dark green eyes sparkle with glints of gold as he saunters down the catwalk, patent leather shoes on his feet.

Announcer: Our next model is Nicholas, dressed today by his Sire and partner Andrew. The color of the suit was chosen to match Nicholas’ hair, which I’m told changes every few weeks.

Nicholas’ smile thins down but he continues to stride forward, his undone tie resting across his shoulders. With a lazy hand, he unbuttons the suit jacket, revealing the light blue vest underneath.

Announcer: Andrew confided in us that this is not Nicholas’ favorite attire to hunt demons or stay home with their son, but I think we can agree it suits him well.

At the end of the catwalk, Nicholas strikes a pause, shoulders back, chest forward, hands in his pockets and his gaze fixed straight ahead. After a couple of seconds, he winks and turns on his heel so fast that the tie flutters off his shoulders. It remains on the catwalk while Nicholas struts back to the curtains, and only after he has disappeared does a hand reach for the tie from the first row.

Announcer: Thank you Nicholas. And to the new owner of that tie, from what I hear it makes for pretty nice restraints. Enjoy!

The curtains move, but no one appears.

Announcer: our next model is Aedan, who came all the way from the magic realm of Foh’Ran to be with us. It seems Aedan is a little shy. Maybe a bit of encouragement will help him come out.

The crowd applauds politely and a tall man finally comes out, dressed all in black, his hair dark and wild. A Celtic-looking symbol is embroidered in silver thread over his heart. He walks down the runway at a moderate pace, and despite what the announcer said there is no trace of shyness on his face. His paleness and chiseled features make his skin look like marble. His eyes gleam as they dart over the crowd, and at times their pale blue takes a metallic glint.

Announcer: Today, Aedan models for us the typical attire of a bodyguard on Foh’Ran. The detail on his chest is the QuickSilver symbol, the insignia of the family Aedan is sworn to. His silver knives are also typical, and are traditionally wielded by vampires.

At the mention of his knives, Aedan’s right hand rises and comes to rest on the handle of one of the two long knives at his waist. As he reaches the end of the catwalk, he draws it and twirls it between his fingers, so fast it’s little more than a silvery blur. His face remains expressionless as he sheathes the knife again and starts back up the runway, his gaze back to searching for that elusive threat. He disappears behind the curtains without a look back.

Announcer: Thank you Aedan for humoring us today, and thank you to everyone who attended this impromptu fashion show! If you'd like to see another one soon, feel free to chime in with the name of your favorite model!


  1. This impromptu was the perfect gift to beginn 2013 with... I've received my swag too! This is amazing these little pieces of your world you share with us like that! Thank you Kally!
    And Happy New Year to all of you, Kallysten and you fans!


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