Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - His Sire's New Game

This is supposed to be the last Six Sentence Sunday, but I think I'll continue after today...
This excerpt from my upcoming release His Sire's New Game, the sequel to His Sire's New Pet, picks up right where we left off last week.


Tyler suddenly felt tongue-tied. He had to give Alan an answer, that much was clear to him; failure to do so would only earn him more punishment, but also more disappointment from Alan. The punishment, Tyler would gladly take. He still hurt, true, but it would only be another layer of pain, and the mere thought of Alan’s hand on him, striking where he was still so tender, caused anticipation to pulse through his cock like phantom pleasure. Disappointing Alan, however, felt wrong after he had taken such good care of Tyler’s needs. He tried to think of a number, high enough that Alan would consider it sufficient, but not so high that Tyler would be unable to perform his duties for the rest of the day.


  1. Oh, the conundrum of pleasurable punishment. ;-)

  2. I'm really into reading BDSM lately and Wowza! Great six!!


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