Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - Over The Edge

In On The Edge, Brett was offered his first bite by a vampire. The next day, in Over The Edge, he asks for a repeat performance... and a little more...


Before sitting on the sofa, Leo toed off his shoes. He folded a leg beneath him, trying to get comfortable. Next to him, Brett was sitting very stiffly, so much so that Leo couldn’t help but wonder if he truly wanted this. One whiff of his scent was enough to reassure him, however. Lust was only second to nervousness, but fear was just a thread, so faint that Leo ignored it.

“Give me your wrist,” he asked, holding out his hand.

Immediately, Brett placed his hand in Leo’s, palm up. Leo used his free hand to push the robe sleeve up, revealing Brett’s forearm. When his fingers brushed against the pulse point, he could feel the staccato there, as clearly as he could hear it in Brett’s heartbeat, but he had a feeling that asking him to calm down would only make things worse. He started to pull Brett’s wrist toward his mouth. Brett let him until their eyes met, then blinked and froze.


The certainty that Brett had changed his mind rolled over Leo, but disappointment didn’t have time to follow.

“I already have scars on my neck,” Brett continued, his voice trembling a little, although Leo didn’t think it was from fear. “You can reopen these, rather than making new scars.”

It made sense, and Leo should have thought about it himself. He wanted to apologize, but instead he said, “I won’t take much.”

The tension thickened around Leo, and everything seemed to slow down as he pivoted and threw a leg over Brett’s lap. He was a little taller than Brett, and it would probably have been more comfortable for them both if Brett had straddled his thighs instead of the opposite. Next time, maybe, when Brett wasn’t so nervous anymore, they would do it that way.

The light tilt of Brett’s head served as a signal, and Leo bent down to lay his mouth over the crook of his neck where he had bitten the previous night. He kissed the healing scars, feeling the wild fluttering against his lips, and pressed his hips forward. His hardening cock met Brett’s. The quiet moan that escaped Brett caused Leo to pull back and press in again, the friction too small to be anything more than teasing.

He bit down as slowly as he could make himself, his fangs easily breaking the healing tissue to reopen the bite wounds. Brett’s hands closed over his forearms, not to push him away, but to pull him closer, it seemed. When Leo took a first slow, almost lazy pull on his blood, Brett bucked up against him, their cocks pressing together again. Leo would have wanted nothing more than to pull harder, draw more blood faster, but he had to remind himself not to. He had taken blood from Brett too recently to dare take more than a mouthful now.

Pulling away was difficult, but it was worth it. As soon as Leo drew back, Brett grabbed his face between both his hands and kissed him. Before Leo could retract his fangs, Brett’s tongue was there, curling against one fang, then the other, pushing inside Leo’s mouth and pulling back, the same way he was pushing up to grind their cocks together.

They slid sideways onto the couch, Leo twisting their bodies as they fell so that he ended up on top of Brett. They groped and kissed, rubbing again each other until they were both panting. Brett’s robe had come undone. His skin was like fire beneath Leo’s fingers, his cock throbbing in Leo’s hand, and all Leo could think about was getting more contact, feeling Brett, flesh to flesh, from head to toe. But it wasn’t going to happen here.

“You know,” Leo said as he pulled away just enough to speak, “last night I thought this sofa was uncomfortable. It doesn’t get any better when you try to do more than sit on it.”

Beneath him, Brett’s chest shook with soundless laughter. His nervousness from earlier seemed to have melted away.

“Well, there happens to be a nice bed only a few feet away.”

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