Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Writing - How this story came to be

How this story came to be… Souls Night

From the moment I released Her Last Words in 2005, the first part of The Pacts Series, I knew I wanted to add to this world and show this different take on vampire/human relations. After adding to it All Things Except Blood, however, I became distracted by the more contemporary setting of Haventown, and my ideas for stories in this series were put on a backburner.

In early 2007, as I was planning ahead my releases with Alinar for the year, I decided to have a release at Halloween time, but I didn’t want it to be a ‘traditional’ American Halloween. Instead, I wanted to go back to my French roots: we don’t celebrate on Halloween, and November 1st is a holiday, ‘All Saints Day,’ during which it’s traditional to visit friends’ and family’s tombs to leave flowers there.

That is how Souls Night would start, I decided, with a vampire visiting the tombs of those he had lost. Next I had to decide who they would be. In my universe, vampires leave nothing but ashes when they die, so at first I thought they would need to be humans. I liked the idea of those loved ones being vampires, however, to play with the idea of stolen immortality.

That was where The Pacts became the ideal setting. The big event in Her Last Words changed the way vampires died that day, which meant I could have bodies to bury. On top of that, it gave me the opportunity to show the world after Her Last Words, when the Pacts between vampires and humans have become obsolete.

I had a beginning, a setting, and with nothing more than that I started writing. Usually I have to plot and outline my stories, but this one flowed out and came to flesh out The Pacts Series.

Now that I look at the date, I realize it’s been almost six years since I added to this series. I still have plans for it, plotlines stored in my 'for later' folder. I need to tell how vampires first appeared, for one, and how this first demon invasion was stopped, for the other. More to put on my to do list… I guess I should go back to writing now!

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