Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Writing

What I'm writing...

Well, I just finished the final draft of His Sire's New Game, and posted a teaser from it yesterday. It's now with my editor, and I look forward to its release in February. It's funny, when I wrote His Sire's New Pet, I had no plans whatsoever for a sequel. And now not only have I written one - longer than the original! - but I already have a scene for a third installment... That's how the Out of the Box series started... I wonder how many sequels these three gentlemen have for me!

I've also been working on the next chapter of my monthly freebie, One Last Lullaby. I should finish it tomorrow. After that, I'll be working on finishing the short story I've been posting on FB - Ward of the Vampire. Something else that might end up being a series... My muse just doesn't like to leave characters alone!

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