Thursday, January 31, 2013

Writing update

January shall hence be known as the month when I finished everything... except what I was supposed to finish.

I finished His Sire's New Game, the sequel to His Sire's New Pet. Once again, I was struck by the curse of "but what happens the morning after, darn it?" These three gentlemen are just so much fun to play with... I'm finishing the last edits at the moment and will release the story in a couple of weeks.

I also finished Ward of the Vampire, the first part of a new vampire series. I posted most of it as a fan exclusive on Facebook and it turned out somewhat longer than I planned. It'll be released in early March, and the plan, if I can keep to it, will be to release sequels every couple of months.

My alter ego Angela Yseult also finished the first draft of a new YA story. This one is a different take on the 'kid with vampire dads' idea I explored in the Lullabies series, although in a different story-world. Plenty of little things to fix and improve, so no date yet for the release.

And just yesterday, I put the last touch to a short story inspired by the old Bluebeard folktale. I was shocked - completely and utterly shocked! - that this story turned out having no vampires, no magic, nothing supernatural whasoever... and no naughtiness beyond a few heated kisses. Who is this podperson writing in my place and what did she do with the smut? ;)

The one story I did not finish this month is the same one I was supposed to finish last month: Quickening, the sequel to Bodyguards. I love that world and its characters, and I can't wait to start writing book 3, and yet I can't seem to be able to finish book 2. I think my problem is that I have such large expectations for myself on this series that I'm terrified to mess it up. That is completely absurd and yet, here I am, writing random short stories from folktales rather than face Vivien and her men.

So of course, my main goal for February is to finish Quickening. And rather than pushing it back behind other stories, I'll (try to) start with it.

What else is on my to-write list for the coming month... I'm going to start the second part of the new Ward series. I also want to finally give Ray from Carte Blanche his turn at being in charge, something he's been asking for quite insistently for a long time. I also plan to start poking at that wings-tattoo story I've been thinking about for a while. But Quickening really is my main priority.

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