Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sexy Saturday - M/M/M Serial Part 1

Starting today and for the next nine weeks, my Sexy Saturdays will be taken over by a new, as of yet untitled serial. It has vampires, it'll have some M/M, and probably some M/M/M, too. I'll post it as it is written and worry about editing later on. I hope you'll enjoy this new ride...


Dave would trade all the blood in the world for Steven’s smile. He’d give away his company, everything he has built over the course of two centuries. He’d do it in a second, and never think about it again. After all, he already gave Steven himself away, didn’t he?

He can’t help smiling back when Steven pokes his head into the office and offers him that beloved smile. It’s not often that Steven drops by without warning. He usually checks beforehand – when is a good time? Does Dave have a busy day tomorrow? How about this weekend? One day, he’ll understand that Dave will never be too busy. Until then, Dave will enjoy the anticipation of knowing Steven is on his way. And he’ll treasure those rare, unannounced visits just as much.

“Hey. Come in. What’s up?”

It’s been almost a year since Steven entered this same office as a jittery intern; Dave never figured out if he was more worried about working for the CEO of a multinational company or about working for a vampire.

Three months later, when he left to go back to school full time, he wasn’t afraid of anything anymore. Dave, on the other hand, was terrified he wouldn’t see him again.

That fear was short lived.

Every time Steven comes back, every time he walks in, he ducks his head a little, like he’s not sure he should be there at all. But he is there, and Dave’s heart, as silent as it is, struggles to take a beat.

“Alex is being an idiot,” Steven says as he sits down across Dave, and that’s just as unexpected as his presence. Or even more. The list of things they discuss is short and narrow, and Alex is definitely not on there.

Dave considers possible replies carefully. I told you so would be accurate, but maybe not too well received. Same for How is that anything new? What can I do to help? is the most important question, but Dave settles on requesting basic information for now.

“What did he do?” he asks, sitting back in his chair.

He watches Steven’s hands as he replies, the way they’re never still, birds jumping from branch to branch. Thumbs tapping morse code on the chair’s armrests, fingers cupping his knees, clutching his ankle when he briefly rests one leg on top of the other, linking together in front of him. Dave is sure there’s an entire discourse there, if he only knew the vocabulary. He’s learned many languages across the years, but not this one. All he can say for sure is that Steven is restless, but then he could have told that from the tone of his voice only.

He wonders if the hand-talk is something new. Try as he might, he can’t remember Steven doing it during those beautiful three months. Once they both admitted they were attracted to each other, Steven had a very particular way of talking with his hands. It’s different, now. They use words. Most of the time, at least.

When Steven is done explaining, Dave tries very hard not to grin. This? This is what he wanted for Steven. Why he let him go. Not worries about what it means that Dave is so much older than he is and can’t truly relate to the things that make up his life, but worries about asking his boyfriend on a date. Granted, in Dave’s little fantasy, it wasn’t another vampire he imagined Steven with.

And definitely not Alex.

Then again, Dave is in no place to criticize whom Steven welcomes in his bed.

“So? How do I convince him?” Steven asks when Dave has been quiet for too long.

“You don’t.” This time, Dave doesn’t bother hiding the grin. “The more you push him, the more he’ll dig in his heels. Don’t even mention that party again until you’re ready to go there.”

Steven looks thoroughly unconvinced. “And then what?”

“And then you show him what he’ll miss if he doesn’t go with you.”

As Steven mulls over his words, Dave picks up the phone. It only takes him a second to request that the limo be ready when he goes down to the garage, and barely any longer to tell his secretary to cancel his appointments. Getting to his feet, he picks up the jacket from the back of his chair with one hand, retrieves a bit of corporate plastic from the drawer with the other.

“Did you decide what you’re dressing up as?”

Steven shakes his head. “Not yet but—”

“Let’s go and find you something, then.”

He walks over to the elevator. When he glances back, Steven hasn’t moved yet, and Dave feels like sighing. There they go again.

“I thought you wanted my help,” he says, arching an eyebrow.

Steven’s eyes follow Dave’s hand as he slips the credit card in the inside pocket of his jacket. “I do,” he says, meeting Dave’s gaze again. “But I thought we’d just… talk. You don’t have to…” His voice trails off and he shakes his head again. When he pushes himself out of the chair, a smile graces his lips, half amused, half resigned. “Okay.”

He walks over to Dave and presses a brief, chaste kiss to his lips. “So where are we going?”

Dave is so surprised that it takes him a few seconds to follow Steven into the elevator. He expected he’d have to coax and cajole Steven into hitting the stores with him. He always has to play dirty to get Steven to accept gifts from him, and the phrase “You’ve already given me everything” or a variation thereof usually comes into play. This is much too easy.

“No arguing?” he asks, almost wary. “No protests?”

Steven shrugs, rocks a little on his heels. “What’s the point of asking for advice if I’m not going to take it?” he says, that same strange smile curling his mouth, and Dave has a feeling he’s not just talking about today, about asking Dave for help with Alex. The reverse must be true as well. And it certainly shouldn’t make him grin like a lunatic to know that his Childe is giving Steven advice about him, it shouldn’t make his heart fill with warmth, shouldn’t make him hard.

And yet, it does.

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