Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sexy Saturdays - M/M/M serial part 4

This really is a strange story. Discovering these men and what makes them tick is like being lost in a maze and finding surprises at every new turn...


When Steven comes home, he always brings back the world with him.

He climbs onto the sofa, curls up against Alex, offering his mouth like candy, his kiss like a caress, and all the scents he brought back like presents for Alex to unwrap.

Alex breathes in, deep and slow, takes in every gift like he takes Steven’s tongue, tasting the same things he smells. He starts with the small ones, keeping the biggest present, the one that overshadows everything, for last. He can smell the city in Steven’s hair, and sunshine. Smoke, too. Not Alex’s cigarettes. Menthol ones. His friend’s, Suzie’s, the one with the purple streaks in her hair. The one who has a crush on Steven. The one Steven might have gone for, maybe, even as clueless as he can be about those things, if Dave then Alex hadn’t sunk their fangs in him first.

Literally and metaphorically speaking.

“Lab, today?”

Steven hums, and the sound reverberates all through his chest. Alex presses his hand tighter against it to feel it under his palm.

“This morning, yeah.”

There’s also the aroma of shepherd’s pie clinging to his clothes, fish and chips, and beer, too, even if Steven doesn’t drink. Not usually. Not since that one time with Dave.

Alex knows all about it.

He nuzzles Steven’s neck, licks a long stripe along the artery that pulses with life and strength against his tongue. “Went to that pub for lunch, then? With Suzie Q and the rest of your merry band?”

A light snort, and Steven stretches back, lying down on the sofa. Alex follows, covering his boy’s body with his own.

“They’re not my ‘merry band’,” Steven says. He stretches his throat to give Alex even better access. “They’re my friends.”

Alex doesn’t care to dignify that with an answer. He lets his body grow heavier on Steven’s, pressing him down into the cushions. With every breath the boy takes, Alex’s chest moves; with every heartbeat they share, his cock grows harder, and against it, Steven’s does the same, although maybe not as fast. It can’t have been very long since he came, but then, Alex knew that the moment he got a whiff of his scent.

“And next,” he murmurs, raking his teeth along Steven’s jaw, “you went to see Dave.”

Steven hums an affirmative again, but he doesn’t respond in words. Alex rocks against his hips, flicks his tongue at the corner of Steven’s mouth. He could swear he can taste Dave’s lips there, and he has to silence the growl that tries to crawl out of his throat.

“Any particular reason why?” he asks, and raises himself just enough to open Steven’s shirt and tug his undershirt up. When he presses his face to the boy’s chest, Dave’s scent grows stronger.

“Do I need a reason?”

Alex bites at the edge of a rib, drawing a gasp from Steven. More playful bites downward, and now he can not only smell Dave’s come, he can also taste it on the tip of his tongue, the tang as sharp as it is familiar. Steven’s come is mixed right along with it. Small licks, cleaning up shivering skin and hunting every last trace of Alex’s Sire and his lover; lovely treat. Gift horses’ mouths and all that, but Alex’s interest runs deeper than simple curiosity.

“Don’t need one,” he murmurs against Steven’s navel, making him squirm under him. “But I know you.”

He doesn’t finish but he knows he’s right. It’s not always this that Steven wants when he goes to Dave, but he always wants something. Most of the time, it’s simply to talk – and seeing how they don’t really have things to talk about, it’s a process as lengthy as it is painful. The boy loves Dave, they all know it but none of them talks about it.

Alex certainly isn’t going to mention it now.

“Oh fuck.” Steven arches up even as he grunts.

Alex chuckles, low and dirty, his lips pressed tight to the tip of Steven’s cock where it sneaked past his boxers’ waistband.

“’S that what you two did, then?” he asks, tugging Steven’s pants and boxers further down. “Fuck again? Finally?” He tries to keep his voice neutral, but he can hear the jealousy that fills his words, and he knows Steven will recognize it too. Alex is okay with all of it - he wants to be okay with all of it - but it'd be easier if he was there when Steven goes to Dave.

Tight fingers tug at his hair, demand that he look up, and he does, after a beat. Steven’s eyes meet his without hesitating. “We don’t do that anymore and you know it.”

Do I? Alex wants to say, but he swallows the words. He does know, even if sometimes, insecurities that have no place in what he shares with this boy push their way to the surface, following paths that were carved in his mind and flesh long before Steven was born, long before Dave sired Alex.

“Yeah, I know,” he says, and lowers his mouth again. He traces Steven’s cock with his tongue, caresses his balls, then pushes his boy’s legs up and licks his way lower still. Steven’s moan is low, needy when Alex first touches his tight hole. For now, this is theirs, and theirs only. Every time Alex presses inside his boy, tongue, fingers, fist or cock, he reminds that to himself with a quiet joy that some (Dave) would call vindictiveness.

But Dave’s hell is of his own making, his bonds freely chosen. Bit by bit, they’re loosening again, and one of these days…

Alex presses in deeper, makes Steven writhe and moan, and hopes he’ll be there when the line is crossed again. He hopes, even if he can’t really admit it to himself, that it’ll be the day he and Dave find each other again. It’s been so long since they’ve exchanged more than a few biting words and withering glares. Alex barely even remembers what it was that came between them. He does know he’s ready to move past it, to go back to his Sire, right along Steven. He knows Steven wouldn’t mind; the boy loves them both, after all. And he hopes – oh, how much he hopes! – that Dave would welcome both of them back, the Childe he kicked out and the human he set free.

But maybe hoping isn’t enough…

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