Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - His Sire's New Game

His Sire's New Game will be released on February 11th.
Continuing the scene started in this teaser...


“Ask,” Alan said. “If you want to leave, all you need to do is ask for permission.”

Could it really be that easy? Somehow, Tyler was a little uncomfortable that Alan might let him go so quickly after chastising him.

“May I go back to my battalion, Sir?”

The previous night, Alan’s eyes had been gleaming with golden flames the entire time, and Tyler would have been hard pressed to say what color they were. Now, he could see they were hazel, with a circle of light brown around the pupil melding into green. They considered Tyler with a thoughtful but gentle look.

“You may,” he said. He paused then added on a matter of fact tone, “As soon as we’ve settled a few things, of course. Come with me.”

He turned on his heel and stepped into the guest bedroom. Tyler didn’t allow himself to hesitate and knee-walked after him, his heart suddenly thundering. Settle a few things? What did that mean?

Alan waited for him standing at the foot of the bed. As Tyler came closer, his ass twinged with every small movement, reminding him of what it had felt like to lay across Alan’s lap, to feel his hand strike down, regular as a heartbeat, strong and yet intimate. Tyler’s cock started pulsing with blood and need, tenting his boxers. Alan could hardly have missed it, but he didn’t comment on it and merely said, “On your feet. Bend over with your hands on the bed.”

Tyler was standing before Alan even finished speaking. The position was different, but the expectation to be thoroughly obeyed sounded the same in Alan’s voice and soothed the beginning of nerves tightening like a knot at the base of Tyler’s spine. He set his hands flat on the bed rather than fist the sheets as would have been his inclination.

“Like that, yes,” Alan said.

His hand stroked the small of Tyler’s back before tugging the boxers down his ass. The fabric still felt deliciously rough, but Tyler didn’t move, nor did he make a sound.

“Getting dressed without my say-so is also a punishable offense,” Alan said almost off-handedly. “So if we add it all up… What do you think, pet? How many strikes would make up for your failings this morning?”

Tyler suddenly felt tongue-tied. He had to give Alan an answer; that much was clear to him. Failure to do so would only earn him more punishment, but also more disappointment from Alan.

The punishment, Tyler would gladly take. He still hurt, true, but it would only be another layer of pain, and the mere thought of Alan’s hand on him, striking where he was still so tender, caused anticipation to pulse through his cock like phantom pleasure. Disappointing Alan, however, felt wrong after he had taken such good care of Tyler’s needs.

He tried to think of a number, high enough that Alan would consider it sufficient, but not so high that Tyler would be unable to perform his duties for the rest of the day.

“Sir, I…” He grimaced at his own hesitation, knowing Alan wouldn’t like it. “My punishment is entirely up to you, Sir,” he started again right away. “But I think maybe ten would be an appropriate number.”

It was a struggle not to end that sentence like a question. Alan had asked for a number; all Tyler had to do was give him one. Whether Alan liked the number or not, it was out of Tyler’s hands.

“Ten,” Alan mused aloud. “That seems a bit high considering how red your ass still is, but if you feel your offense was that deep I’ll be happy to oblige. Quiet, now. We don’t want to wake Jeremy.”

Tyler blinked twice very fast. Jeremy. How could Tyler have forgotten about him? Alan seemed to fill any room he walked in, sure, but Jeremy was the reason why Tyler had first come to this apartment. Was he really still asleep? What would he think of this—of not being included, the way he had been last night? Would he be—

The first strike of Alan’s hand felt like white-hot iron branding Tyler’s ass. It took all of his self-control not to cry out.

“Now of course,” Alan said on the same idle tone, “if you’re not paying attention, ten might end up being too low a number. Are you paying attention, pet?”

The second blow was just as strong, just as fast, just as shattering. A tiny whimper escaped Tyler’s throat.

“Yes, Sir,” he said, already panting when Alan had just started. It felt as though they were only continuing the scene from the previous night, and Tyler had been so close from breaking, then…

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