Monday, March 4, 2013

Meet My Muse Monday - How 'Ward of the Vampire' came to be

How Ward of the Vampire came to be…

In early 2012, I was talking with a writer friend about our plans for the year and somehow the topic of ‘millionaire romances' came up. At the time, I remember telling my friend that I had no interest in writing one of those. My muse must have noted that down and cackled at the thought of making me eat my words at some point…

Fast forward to October; because of some difficulties in my personal life I was struggling to finish Beyond The Edge, the sequel to both the On The Edge and Out of the Box series. To get back into the swing of things, I reread part of the Out of the Box series and found myself missing Virginia’s voice. For unity’s sake, all of Beyond The Edge is written in the 3rd person POV, while I always enjoyed getting right into Virginia’s head for her stories in 1st person POV.

It had been a while since I wrote in 1st person and I missed it, but none of my planned projects lent itself to a 1st person story. So of course, just to throw a wrench in my plans, my muse dangled a story idea in front of me that would work with 1st person; a story with – you guessed it – a millionaire hero. And because I do enjoy my heroes with fangs, he turned out to be a vampire, too. But just to change things up, and because that initial story idea didn’t fit in any of my existing series, I decided to set the book in a different universe where the existence of vampires is not known as it is in On The Edge for example.

I started writing with only a vague idea of where I was going, but slipping into Angelina’s mind was a treat. She’s a rambler, very much like I am, and she can’t tell a story without getting on tangents that reveal a lot about who she is and how she sees the world. I already know her digressions are turning some readers off, but I find they’re very much a part of who she is, with a thousand thoughts fluttering through her mind even as she tells the story of how she met Morgan Ward.

I posted the first part of the story on Facebook as a treat for my fans, and their reaction was enough to push me into writing more. Angelina was all too happy to continue telling about her life. Morgan, so far, hasn’t shared a lot of himself with her or with us, but I’ve taken a peek into the man’s thoughts and life and I’ve grown very fond of him. I look forward to revealing more of him in the upcoming sequels.

One last anecdote about how Morgan Ward got his name. It started with his sister, Delilah. In my head, she looks, sounds and acts a lot like a character from a favorite show who was called Lilah Morgan. ‘Lilah’ is the pet name her brother has for Delilah, and ‘Morgan’ became his name. As for Ward, it also comes from Delilah: early in my writing, I had this snippet of a scene in which she declares Angelina will be Morgan’s ward. The pun of making it his name was too good to pass, and the word will appear in one form or another in the titles for all sequels… not that I know yet how many there will be! As long as Angelina keeps talking to me, I’m game.

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