Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sexy Saturday - M/M(/M) serial part 7

Just a reminder - this is very much UNedited by anyone other than me, it's just some ranblings from my muse that I'll clean up and possibly add to once the main story is told. Please forgive typos and possible inconsistencies. If you're picking up this story in progress, you can find it all here - start from the bottom and work your way up.


Steven doesn’t like to lie to Dave, so he doesn’t tell him what he wants to hear, doesn’t say, of course Dave, I’m only going to suck your dick this once, and I’ll be ready to let go of you even if it’s the last thing you really want. He just smiles in thanks and spares a grateful thought for Alex because, look at that, he was right about Dave, and he’ll be unbearably smug when Steven tells him.

With gentle but shaky fingers, Steven unzips his Dave’s pants and carefully guides his cock out. It’s been months since he’s seen his beautiful body bare, and he’d love to strip him completely, but that can be next time. Shuffling closer, he simply holds Dave’s hard dick, feeling the weight of it, taking small breaths through his nose that he releases in soft puffs of air along the length.

Eyelids dropping to half-mast, Steven lets out a sigh, breathes, “You have such a beautiful cock,” then takes the tip into his mouth and gives it a little suck.

Dave makes a choked noise low in his throat. He weaves his fingers through Steven’s bangs and brushes them back. Steven’s eyes are closed, but he knows Dave is watching him. He can just imagine how big his eyes are, maybe a little wet, blinking a lot but not losing a second of this. Steven grins, lips a little tighter around Dave’s cock. He slips to the tip to suck on a bead of precome then slides down, all the way down, like Alex taught him, swallows hard—and comes back up when gasps and moans rise as a warning.

Small flicks of his tongue, now, teasing, nowhere near enough to make Dave come, but enough to draw Steven’s name from his lips like a prayer, like love turned into sound. Steven sinks all the way down again, and this time there’s no teasing left in him. He wanted to make this last, time it to make Dave come just before they arrived at Steven’s place, but that plan is gone. There’s only one thought left in his mind: making Dave feel good, like he’s made Steven feel good so many times without asking for anything in return.

Steven has seen, heard, felt Dave come before, but not since Dave gave him that ridiculously painful speech at the end of the summer. He’s missed this. Feeling Dave’s so strong body shake, hearing him gasp Steven’s name and words that don’t sound English, seeing his dazed look when Steven pulls away and glances up at him… Oh yeah. He’s missed it a lot. And he missed the taste of the come that coats his tongue.

Gentle hands draw Steven up and back onto Dave’s lap. They hold his face tenderly when Dave leans in, licks the corner of his mouth, his chin. The same hands draw his head to rest on Dave’s shoulder then try to sneak where Steven’s cock presses insistently against Dave’s belly, but Steven stops them and guides Dave’s arms around his waist.

“Don’t you want,” Dave starts, voice low and shaky, but Steven stops him with a brush of lips to his neck.

“This was just for you,” he murmurs. “Just this time, don’t worry about me.”

He might as well be asking the sun not to rise, but at least Dave pretends and holds him a little tighter. Steven feels drunk; on come, on love, on the knowledge that there is nothing Dave wouldn’t do for him even now, it doesn’t really matter. He always babbles when he’s drunk.

“The party is on Saturday. It’s at this cool frat house that’s supposed to have hidden rooms and stuff.”

Dave rubs up and down Steven’s back. He hums, almost purrs. Steven closes his eyes.

“Maybe we could come by your place. Me and Alex, I mean. So you can see his suit. After the party. If he comes with me.”

“He will,” Dave rumbles. “And if you want.”

“You can undress us,” Steven whispers, promises. “And then, I want to make love to you. Will you let me? Please, Dave?”

Dave takes a shuddery breath that makes both of their bodies shake. His arms tighten around Steven until they’re almost too tight – except, they could never be too tight.

It’s a long time before he answers, and Steven begins to doubt. Alex said Dave wouldn’t say no, but what if he does? What if he really wants to break things off and has only been indulging Steven these past few months? What if…

“Please,” he says again, clinging to Dave’s shoulders, afraid to fall into an abyss.

“Anything you want,” Dave says, so quietly it’s a lullaby, and Steven lets himself drift on the wings of dreams until they get back to his apartment.

Without a word, Dave kisses him goodbye, soft lips on his forehead, even softer against his mouth.

“Saturday,” Steven reminds him with a smile, just to see him shiver.

He flies up the staircase, holding the hangers high. He hangs the suits in the closet in the entrance, at the very back, behind the leather coat Dave bought him and that he never wears because he’s afraid to damage it.

Alex is sprawled on the sofa. Steven kisses him hard as hello; blows him as how are you; fucks him in guise of thanks. Afterwards, Alex smirks and says, “Told you.”

Steven laughs.


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