Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sexy Saturday - M/M(/M) serial part 9

Part 9. Steven convinced Alex to put on the suit...
Previous parts can be found under the 'serial' tag.


Steven can’t stop staring.

He’s never placed much importance on physical beauty. Granted, both Dave and Alex are handsome, in completely different ways—buff shoulders and light coloring for Dave, lithe strength, dark hair and eyes for Alex—but that’s never been why he was attracted to them. It’s who they are, the way they act, the way they see him. And the way they make him feel.

Still, it’s one thing to be able to see past the surface. Quite another to stand in front of his boyfriend with a mouth suddenly dry as ash and a hard on that’d make a porn star proud.

“You look…”

He doesn’t even know how to finish. He’d feel like an absolute dork if he said beautiful, but the only other word that comes to mind is edible, and if he lets himself think about blowing Alex while he’s dressed like this—snug pants that aren’t as tight as his jeans but that seem to cling in all the right places, a fitted shirt that just begs to be ripped off him, a jacket that does something to his shoulders, and Steven has never thought before that Alex’s shoulders were lacking in any way but they seem different somehow, and he wants to knead them, wants to tug off that tie, wrap it around Alex’s wrists, and then—

Right. He’d better stop thinking about all this, better stop staring, or they’ll never reach the actual party. And while skipping it wouldn’t be a big deal, he doesn’t want to cancel his other plans for the night. The plans Alex doesn’t know about yet.

“I look like a right idiot,” Alex mutters, tugging the tie a little looser, then he shakes a finger at Steven. “Dave’s a terrible influence on you, that’s what he is.”

Laughing, Steven tightens the tie again, then slips his hand in Alex’s and pulls him off the sidewalk and onto the driveway that leads to the frat house. “I’ll try to remember that later tonight,” he says as casually as he can manage. “When I let you watch me fuck him.”

Alex misses a step, but Steven keeps pulling him forward, and they’re at the door before Alex has found his voice back.

They’re ushered in by Steven’s bio lab partner, Ryan. He’s dressed as a surgeon, red splattered over his medical coat, a mask over his mouth. He pulls it down to grin at Steven. “Hey. You came!” He holds out his hand, and Steven has to let go of Alex to shake it. Ryan’s grin turns to Alex. “And you brought the elusive boyfriend, too. Alex, is it? We were all beginning to think you didn’t exist except in Steven’s imagination.”

Alex shakes Ryan’s hand, bares his teeth in something that could pass as a smile. “Believe me, his imagination could dream up a lot better than me. Care to point me toward the bar?”

Laughing, Ryan does just that. Alex goes, casting a glance at Steven that says, I need a drink and you and I need to talk. Or maybe that’s, you and I need to fuck. Talking and fucking often go hand in hand, with them, and it doesn’t matter which one they start with.

“So, what are you two dressed as anyway?” Ryan asks, giving Steven a once over, and if he didn’t know Ryan has a steady girlfriend, Steven might become really self-conscious right about now. “Gay grooms?”

Steven rolls his eyes at him. “Rat pack?” he says, and raises an eyebrow at Ryan’s blank look. “Sinatra’s gang? You have heard of Sinatra, right?”

Ryan makes a vague gesture that could mean anything. “Isn’t that the guy women were throwing their panties at?” He looks toward the bar, and grins at what he sees. “If that’s it, maybe you should keep a close eye on the boyfriend.”

Following his gaze, Steven can see right away what he means. He’s not the only one who thinks Alex looks hot in that suit. He claps Ryan on the shoulder, mutters some kind of goodbye, and goes to Alex. By the time he reaches him after crossing the crowded room, there are three girls in front of Alex: a nurse in a ultra-short skirt, a cheerleader, and – honestly, Catwoman?

Steven likes to think he can be subtle. Right now, though, he doesn’t feel like even trying. Pushing past the girls, he grabs the back of Alex’s neck with a possessive hand and draws him in for a kiss. A hard, deep, this-will-end-with-less-clothes kiss that leaves the both of them breathless and takes care of their girl problem.

“So. Secret rooms.” Steven grabs the beer from Alex’s hand and takes a deep gulp before handing it back. His voice is husky and low; he likes the way Alex’s eyes gleam. “Are we looking for them?”

Alex curls his tongue behind his teeth, grins. “Lead the way, baby,” he all but purrs. When he brings the bottle to his lips, Steven watches his lips dance obscenely along the glass. His cock approves enthusiastically.

They look for the famed hidden rooms for a good three and a half minutes before glancing at each other and deciding that a not-hidden one will work just fine. An office on the third floor is locked, but Alex has unsuspected talents at picking locks with the most unexpected objects. They stumble in wrapped around each other, and Alex locks the door back up before pressing Steven against it – and pressing his cock right against Steven’s.

“You gonna tell me how long you’ve been planning all this?” Alex asks, tugging at Steven’s collar to mouth his neck.

Steven groans, arches back against him, his hands sliding beneath Alex’s jacket to clutch at the silk of his shirt. “I don’t know. Since you said he wouldn’t say no? Since he looked at me in that suit like I was candy? Since he could recite your measurements without even thinking about it?”

Alex grunts, hands now fumbling over Steven’s clothes. “Okay. Better strip, then, baby. My Sire gets mad when anyone but him comes on brand new clothes.”

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