Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sexy Saturdays - M/M(/M) serial part 5

Another installment of my naughty weekly serial. I can't figure out whether to label it M/M/M or M/M+M. Oh well. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy :)


One wicked touch of his tongue after the other, Alex pushes Steven up a path that, so close after he came – again – in the limo, is almost painful. But it’s the right kind of painful, the kind that leaves him gasping, that makes little white dots dance in front of his eyes, that make every single one of his nerves hum and throb and cry out for mercy – for more.

When Alex stops, kneels up between Steven’s thighs and looks at him with an unreadable expression, Steven can’t do much more than snarl. He lacks practice, though, and somehow the annoyance never reaches his words, leaving only desperation and need; a plea rather than a command.

“Don’t stop.”

Alex takes hold of Steven’s cock. His fist curls around it, smooth tugs that are both too much and far from enough. “I want to be there,” he says very low.

It takes a few seconds for the words to reach Steven’s mind and when they do – no, they still don’t make sense. Hips arching to accentuate Alex’s tempo, he passes his tongue over his dry lips, has to try twice before he finds his voice.

“Be… be where?”

“With you two,” Alex says as though it were evident, but it’s not.

Steven wants to ask what he means, but already Alex is shuffling forward on his knees. He unzips his jeans and shoves them down just enough. Spit and precome, and it burns, and it hurts, and Steven’s body arches and presses down and offers himself to an invasion that is always welcome, but always more so after those visits to Dave.

“I want to be there,” Alex says again, slowly pushing deeper inside Steven’s body, his hand moving on Steven’s cock a little faster now. “With you two. When you finally do fuck again. When he slips inside you and makes you dance on his dick. Or when you take him and make him cry out for you. Never saw him yield like that, but I bet he’d let you. Let you do anything you wanted to him. Let you spread him open on his bed and fuck him as hard or as slow as you please. Let you push him face first into a wall and rut inside him like an animal. Bend over his own desk for you and touch himself while you fuck him. Loves you too much to say no.”

And Steven couldn’t tell if it’s the harder thrusts that punctuate each of those sentences that wrench pleasure out of him, or the too-clever hand that knows his dick as well as his own hand does, or the images that Alex’s words summon. They flash through his mind, bright, burning, etched in his consciousness with each uncontrollable jerk of his hips, each drop of come Alex draws from his aching dick.

Mind burning and body still shaking with the aftershocks of pleasure, Steven clings to Alex’s arms, his shoulders, tiny, breathless cries encouraging him as he fucks Steven raw. Steven has tried not to think about this; tried not to wonder how far he can push the limits Dave imposed on the two of them. It won’t be so easy now, not with the images still playing through his mind, Alex’s soft, dirty voice the perfect soundtrack to this virtual porno.

Afterwards, when Alex is lying on top of him, breathing hard against his neck, when he says one more time, “I want to be there,” but this time he’s pleading rather than demanding, Steven has to shake himself back to reality.

“It’s not going to happen,” he says, running a slow hand up and down Alex’s back. “He doesn’t want—”

Alex scoffs quietly. “Of course he does. He just won’t admit it. And you want it too, don’t you?”

If Steven could see Alex’s eyes right now – if Alex could see his – he probably couldn’t admit it himself. He’d look for judgment in his gaze, for jealousy, for anger – and never mind that he knows he wouldn’t find any of that. But when they’re pressed together like this, Alex’s cock still inside him, his body like a heavy blanket on top of Steven, his lips at the crook of his neck, it’s all but impossible for Steven to lie – to Alex, or to himself.

“Yes,” he breathes. “I do want it. But he’s right, me and him, it can’t work. We shouldn’t—”

Alex nips at his neck, and Steven moans. “No shouldn’t, now, love. I haven’t been around as long as he has, but I do know one thing. It doesn’t matter how different people are. In the end, either love is real or it’s not. And you too? Oh, it’s real, baby. He’s afraid to see it because he’s been hurt, and he thinks keeping you at arm’s length will help, but even that isn’t working. Why else does he let you go back? Why else does he keep touching you even when his own rules say he shouldn’t? He loves you. Every bit as much as I do.”

When Steven woke up after that last night, his head foggy still with alcohol fumes and aching with Dave’s gentle but firm words, that’s how Alex calmed him. By telling him, in that quiet, lullaby voice, that Dave does love him, whatever excuses he made about them not being together again. By promising him that, if he went back, Dave wouldn’t send him away.

He was right about that last part; maybe he’s right about the rest.

“It doesn’t matter what I want,” he murmurs. “I don’t think he’d let me…” He can’t finish, not when the images are surfacing again, and his cock tries to twitch back to life. It’s all he can do to silence a quiet moan.

“And I tell you he would,” Alex persists. “He will.”

There’s so much certainty in his voice, it’s hard to even think he might be wrong.

“If he does,” Steven says, turning his face to Alex so he can press the words like kisses against his forehead, “I’d like you to be there, yes.”

He can feel Alex’s lips curling into a smile against his neck. “Thank you, love.”

Humming in response, he closes his eyes and lets his mind drift on clouds as soft as Alex’s mouth and hands on him – as soft as Dave’s touch.

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