Sunday, March 10, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - Beyond The Edge

Mark your calendars! April 17th will be the release day for Beyond The Edge, the sequel to the On The Edge and Out of the Box series. Until then, I'll post tidbits of it for Six Sentence Sunday...This week, it's Brett's birthday and his lovers are preparing breakfast for him... or at least trying to...


“You might want to take whatever it is off the heat,” he said, indicating the stove with a vague gesture. “Or it’s just going to start beeping again.”

With a rueful smile, Leo turned back to the skillet, picked it up, and dumped the blackened remnants of what might have once been bacon straight into the trash. As Brett had expected, the residual smoke triggered the alarm a second time. He shut it off again before climbing off the chair.

“Happy birthday to me,” he said, deadpan.


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