Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - His Sire's New Game

In His Sire's New Pet, Alan, the Dominant vampire of the story, is angry with his Childe and sub, and just meets another sub for the first time, so I didn't get to really show his feelings for either of them. I guess that's one reason why I came back to these characters in His Sire's New Game. Here's a scene between the two vampires...


The old anger resurfaced—anger at himself and Tyler mixed together. Jeremy silenced it the best he could.

“Me preparing him last night…” His voice dropped lower still until it was no louder than a whisper. He took another, tiny step forward. “It wasn’t so much about fearing you’d hurt him as remembering that I did.”

Of its own accord, his hand rose. Before he could touch the shower door, it opened under Alan’s hand. Jeremy stilled.

“In or out,” Alan muttered. “Make up your mind already.”

Moving so fast he almost tripped over his own feet, Jeremy climbed into the shower and closed the door behind him. The space was tight for two, but he couldn’t have cared less. He kept his eyes down, not because they were playing, not as a sign of respect to his Sire and Dom, but because after all these months he still felt guilty about hurting Tyler. It didn’t matter that Tyler hadn’t protested, and even less blamed Jeremy for it. He’d carried that guilt with him since that first night, unable to share it or shed it.

“Come here.”

With a soft, grateful sigh, Jeremy stepped forward and into Alan’s open arms. As hot as the water was, he found himself shivering. He was only an inch or so shorter than Alan, but somehow Alan always managed to tuck him into his arms, hold him close—safe. Jeremy shut his eyes and let himself be held.

“I asked you to explain.” Alan’s words came out like a rumble. “Why didn’t you say this from the start?”

Jeremy pressed his face harder against the crook of Alan’s shoulder, wishing he were allowed to bite and take some comfort from his Sire’s blood. He knew better than to bite without a clear invitation to do so, however, and even then it was always from Alan’s wrist, never his neck.

“Why didn’t I tell you how much I suck at being a Dom?” he mumbled. “I don’t know. Let me think about that one.”

Had he not voiced his safeword and asked to step out of their normal relationship, he’d never have dared give Alan lip like this. Even so, he felt a little guilty at his impudence, and Alan cuffed him lightly over the head. Had they been playing, no doubt he’d have hit Jeremy’s ass instead and fanned the flames of the pain still burning through him.

“You made a mistake,” Alan said, his voice gently chastising. “If he’s still playing with you, he must have forgiven you.”

“I know he did. It’s just…”

He bit his lip rather than continuing.

“You didn’t forgive yourself?” Alan finished for him, and although he made it sound like a question, there was no doubt in Jeremy’s mind that Alan knew he was right.

It had always amazed him how well his Sire could read him—everything about him. When they were deep into a scene, Jeremy’s smallest movements, even a blink or a shaky breath were clues to Alan. At times, it unsettled Jeremy not to be able to hide a thing from him. And at times, he was grateful that Alan knew him so completely.

The same hand that had cuffed Jeremy started gliding up and down his back, stroking gently over skin slick from water, always stopping short from touching Jeremy’s sore ass. Alan didn’t say another word, but little by little Jeremy relaxed against him, the way he always did when a punishment was over and his Sire comforted him.


  1. Meep! I have not read His Sire's New Pet yet but I am going to ASAP now! :)

  2. Loved HSNP, can't wait to read this one!


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