Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wedding Fantasies - Grace from Carte Blanche


My leading ladies do not always have lives in which marriage is an option, but that doesn't mean they can't imagine themselves in that traditional white gown...What kind of dress would they have picked if the occasion presented itself? Today, Grace aka Mistress Red from Carte Blanche.


I've done the whole 'big wedding' thing. Seven bridesmaids, a ring bearer, two flower girls, unity candles, a monogrammed, white runner going down the aisle, matching bouquets and boutonnieres, seventy-five butterflies released, cocktail hour, reception, six tiers cake, first dance, garter and bouquet toss, party favors... And all of it immortalized on wedding pictures neither I nor he ever want to look at again. He actually had his lawyer put in the divorce papers that he didn't want the album and I had to take it. It's hidden in the very back of a cabinet. If it wasn't for Laura asking me not to, I'd have flambeed the whole thing a long time ago.

My dress, for that very special (..!) day, was the traditional big poofy dress with some beads, some lace, and a detachable train that was a complete and utter pain. It managed to be at the same time safe and completely over the top, and very much expected. It was everything neither of us was. Everything we wanted our friends to believe we were: pure vanilla.

If I ever was to marry again - and at this point it seems highly unlikely; some people hold commitment ceremonies with their vampire partners, but as a Special Enforcer I doubt it would be too well received - what I'd want most is be true to myself. I'd do the white dress again, sure. But I'd keep it simple. No embellishments. A fairly straight skirt, but not so tight that I couldn't dance. A flattering top, with some rushing, maybe; I keep in shape, but I'm not twenty and borderline anorexic anymore, I have curves and I'm fine with them, thank you very much. Mostly, though, what I'd want is to not hide who and what I am anymore. Grace can have the white dress, but Mistress Red would definitely shine through the accessories. Who needs a garter when you can wear thigh-high leather boots?

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