Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Fantasies - Kate from The Blurred Trilogy

I'm trying out a new feature, today. My leading ladies do not always have lives in which marriage is an option, but that doesn't mean they can't imagine themselves in that traditional white gown...What kind of dress would they have picked if the occasion presented itself? My first guest is Kate from the Blurred Trilogy.


To tell the truth, I've never given it much thought. I've never really been a big fan of dresses. I can't fight in a dress, and fighting demons has always been what I wanted to do with my life. Marriage was always something that happened to other people: people who didn't fight, who stayed safe behind the walls of a city, whose contribution to the war was to make more children - more fighters-to-be.

Cynical? Yes. Undoubtedly. But you would be, too, if you'd been raised in a world at war with beasts that came straight out of our worst collective nightmares.

I had flings, sure. The body has needs. But until I met Blake and Marc, I don't think I'd ever truly loved a man. And here I went, falling head over heels for two of them. Two vampires. Now that I never saw coming.

But since you're asking... If I ever were to marry, it would be an odd wedding, because I'd never choose between them so it would be three of us standing together and taking those vows. But other than that one strange thing, I think I would like a very traditional wedding, and a very traditional, even simple dress. Something that would show off my shoulders, maybe. Clean lines. I don't need bling, but maybe a bit of lace - not too much, just a little. Something I could dance in, too, tight between the two of them. Something that would make me feel like a woman rather than a fighter; like I grew up in a civilized world rather than amongst ruins. And definitely something they'd be able to get off me fast when the wedding night started...


  1. Love this! Such a fun idea! Lisa's will be sad :(

    1. Thanks dear. They're fun to write!

      And it might be... but i'll try not to let her make it toooo sad...


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