Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday writing - writing update

At the end of January, my goals for February were to finish Quickening, start the second part of the new Ward series, play with Ray from from Carte Blanche and start plotting the wings-tattoo story.

At long last, I did finish Quickening and it's now with my editor. We're looking at a June release. While the characters are still fresh in my mind I'll start plotting book 3 this month. I do know what the title is, but i'm waiting to have a cover to reveal it...

I did write a good part of part 2 of the Ward series, and even found its title: My Reluctant Warden. Angelina's voice is still a pleasure to write and I'm now about 2/3 through the first draft. I should easily finish it this month so we'll be on track for a May release.

I did start poking at Ray's story and will keep at it this month. This one is going to be short so I hope to finish it in March as well.

My plotting for the wing-tattoo story did not go all that well. I wrote a page or so of outlining, reread it, and decided I hated it. Back to the drawing board we go. Or maybe I'll leave it to the side a little longer. The men from His Sire's New Pet want to play some more, and I'd hate to keep them waiting...

I'm not going to write a chapter of One Last Lullaby this month, which will feel strange after a year of monthly updates. So far, I've been writing by the seat of my pants but it's time for me to look ahead and do some plotting.

So, in short, a few hard days in February but for the most part I held to my goals. Let's see how March goes!

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