Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meet My Muse - Blue Hair and 7 PAs

Back in January, I was struggling to finish Quickening, the second part of the QuickSilver Codex. After some heavy revisions to my outline, I needed to take a break from the novel and figure out if more changes were needed or if I could go forward and write the climax of the book.

I happened to come across Torquere Press' call for submission page, and their Torqued Tales line in particular caught my eye. I'd seen it before, and the idea of rewriting a traditional fairy tale was interesting, but I'd never had the time to really look into it.

Before I knew it, I was browsing through fairy tales and folk tales, trying to spark my muse. And to my surprise, it worked. Looking at a list of French tales, I stopped on Bluebeard's Seven Wives. It was obscure enough (I hoped!) not to have been done over and over, and I could already think of how to make it mine.

A movie star instead of a nobleman... Personal assistants instead of wives... I decided I'd skip the dismembered bodies because that felt just a little too gruesome..! And with just that much, I started writing, not quite knowing where I was going but with the original tale at the back of my mind as roadmap.

Right away, Vinnie's voice cracked me up. He was a fun guy, and I wanted to give him the happy ending he craved. James, on the other hand, was as much a mystery to me as he was to Vinnie. It was only when Vinnie opened the door to the forbidden room that I learned, right alongside him, what was in it.

I was mildly surprised, when I finished writing Blue Hair and 7 PAs, to realize that, other than a few mention of body parts, there was no naughtiness in it. I could have added a bedroom scene, but it felt unnecessary. The characters find their place with each other when they embrace the truth, and it mattered more than showing them being intimate.

The first draft of the story took me two days to write, which is the fastest I've written anything in a long while. It was exactly the break I needed, and when I returned to my novel WIP it was with fresh eyes and a new spring in my steps.

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