Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sexy Saturday - M/M(/M) serial part 10

Continuing with my weekly guilty pleasure... I can't believe we're on part 10 already.


A couple of decades ago, Alex wouldn’t have bothered to lay pants and jacket across the back of a chair. He’d have tugged the shirt open, and if a button or two were yanked loose – oh well, such was life. And if his carelessness meant having to suffer punishment… well, the suffering was relative, really.

Whether Dave tried to or not, he taught Alex to enjoy many different things, the first of which being the focus of his Sire’s undiluted attention. It didn’t really matter if it was exasperation or pride coloring Dave’s eyes, anger or surprise bleeding through his voice, disappointment or pleasure coming through every gesture. It didn’t matter as long as Alex’s Sire looked at him, talked to him, touched him. Losing all that from his own mistake was hard.

But today Alex is careful. His fingers slip on the buttons of Steven’s shirt, and it doesn’t help that his sweet boy is arching against him, grinding his cock against Alex’s. It doesn’t help either that he’s been hard since Steven got dressed; that he’s been ready to come since that casually dropped remark about fucking Dave later tonight.

Biting back a growl, he continues to be careful, with Steven’s clothes and then his own, and when he finally pushes Steven back onto that desk, it’s with the certainty that they’ll both get out of this room as sharply dressed as they walked in. A conspicuous spot or a crease in the fabric would undoubtedly be blamed on him – the golden boy can do no wrong as far as Dave is concerned – but that’s not why he’s so careful.

He doesn’t care about being reprimanded; he cares about not taking even a moment away from Steven. This is his night, his game, and Alex will be perfectly content taking a step back and simply watching. Or rather, he’ll be fine with it after he gets off.

Helpful boy that he is, Steven grabs the back of his knees and draws them up before Alex even asks, and what a lovely sight he makes, folded in two, offering himself, wearing nothing more than his socks, a loosened tie, and a look that’s a cross between “Please” and “if you don’t get on with it now, I’m gonna jack off and you can do the same”.

Alex grips the rock-hard cock lying on Steven’s stomach with one hand and slips the fingers of his other hand in Steven’s mouth. At the first suck, he groans. Steven’s grin when Alex pulls his slick fingers back is pure debauchery.

“Is this how you’ll fuck him?” he asks, the words hissing past the beginning of fangs he won’t let fully drop. “Laid out on his desk? Mark the wood with his come and yours and make sure he gets hard every time he sits down to work?”

He pushes two fingers in while talking, and he’s not sure if it’s the intrusion that makes Steven gasp, or the tight hand on his cock, or the image Alex is painting for him.

“Maybe… next time.”

Steven grunts when Alex twists his fingers.

“Next time?” Alex repeats. “Already thinking of next time?”

He can’t stand waiting any longer. Both his hands lift from Steven for just a second, clutch his hips, draw him closer to the edge where his cock is waiting, shiny with precome, hungry for someone warm and pliant to plunge into. He has to still when he’s balls deep inside his boy, stop moving or risk everything coming to an end much too fast.

Bending over Steven, he bites at his lips, his chin, his neck. He stops there and sucks hard, never breaking the skin – he’s not allowed, not yet, but Steven promised that someday he’ll let him. A bruise blooms under his mouth; Alex wonders how long it'll take Dave to notice it.

Steven starts writhing under him, pinned down as he may be. Tiny sounds are rising from his throat, sounds Alex doubts his boy is even aware of.

“So where—” He pulls back; slams back in. “—are you going to fuck him?”

Steven keens. The next thrust pushes the words out of him. “His bed… I guess.”

But there’s no guessing, Alex would bet his dick on it – and he’s rather fond of it, especially when he’s shoving it inside Steven as hard as he can and the boy only begs for more. If he knows Steven at all, and by now he’s pretty sure he has him figured out, the plan is perfectly laid out in his head, and he already knows what he’ll do, what he’ll say.

Alex loves it best when Steven reacts rather than plans, instincts rather than intent, a bit of wildness shining through, but he has learned to enjoy perfectly choreographed dances, too.

“Does he know?” he whispers like a dirty secret. “Did you tell him you’d fuck him tonight? Or did you ask like a good boy?”

Steven’s cock is bouncing on his stomach, twitching and glistening with precome, and Alex just has to let go of Steven’s hip to jerk him off. Steven’s back arches off the hard desk, his throat long and bare.

“Asked him,” he pants, breathless, poised on the edge and waiting for Alex to fly. “He said yes.”

And Alex knows, suddenly, when Steven must have asked; the day he came back with Dave’s come still on his tongue and shoved his cock so deep inside Alex that Alex practically tasted his spunk when he came. Naughty boy has been keeping secrets; that warrants a hand to his ass. But not now.

“Bet… he’s thinking… about it… right now,” he breathes, punctuating his words with hard thrusts. “Bet… he’s jerking off… thinking of you… of your cock… inside him.”

Steven comes with a wail. Alex is right behind him.

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