Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sexy Saturdays - M/M(/M) serial part 12


A new part from my sexy Saturday serial...


Alex watches Dave come forward, leaving Steven behind for now, and it’s like he’s leaving behind the past two decades, too. Never mind the arguments, the boy, or how far they’ve both traveled. The little smile curling Dave’s lips, the dark fire in his eyes, are the same Alex loved to see in his Sire.

“It doesn’t look too bad on you,” Dave says.

Alex smoothes a hand over his tie and gives him his best smirk. “I look smashing, you mean. I always looked much better in a suit than you did.”

Behind Dave, Steven makes a sound that could be amusement, but Alex doesn’t dare take his eyes off Dave. Something dark slithered through Dave’s face moments ago, and Alex wouldn’t put it past him to still believe Steven is being forced into something he doesn’t want.

When Dave clucks his tongue and raises a hand to Alex’s neck, it’s all Alex can do not to move back defensively.

“Here I am, giving you a compliment,” Dave says, chiding, as he tugs Alex’s tie undone. “And you insult me in reply. You always let your mouth ruin everything, Childe. But not today.”

Slipping the length of silk between his fingers, Dave walks to Alex’s back. Alex would turn and keep an eye on him, but Steven catches his attention.

He’s sitting on the arm of the sofa, and his grin is a dead match for Dave’s. “I told Dave he could undress you. You don’t mind, do you?”

Alex wants to laugh, wants to tell Steven that no, he doesn’t mind; he really doesn’t.

When Steven first realized what kind of history Alex and Dave shared, he asked a lot of questions. Asked what Dave had been like, back then. What had brought the two of them together. What it had been like for Alex to become a vampire. Why they’d fallen apart to the point that they could barely stand being in the same room—and yet still stayed close to each other.

Alex answered every question—except that last one. Some things concern no one but him and Dave. Besides, he has wished a thousand times in the past twenty years that he could forget that one night and the ugly words that both he and Dave voiced.

And he’s wished a thousand times more that he could find the words to apologize.

Maybe tonight…

But no. He never gets the chance to say even one word. As he opens his mouth, silk slides inside it, the tie wrapping around his head. He can feel Dave knot it snuggly at the back of his head. Instinctively, he starts reaching for the improvised gag, but Dave stops him with just a few whispered words.

“Leave it. Or I’ll have to blindfold you too. You don’t want that, do you?”

Alex swallows. His eyes are still on Steven – on the bulge pushing at the perfectly tailored pants. There’s a matching hardness pressed against Alex’s ass, and it’s suddenly very hard to think. He shakes his head slowly.

“Good,” Dave says, a little louder now. His hands rest on Alex’s shoulders for a second, then he pulls away his jacket. “Glad to see you didn’t completely forget how to behave.”

Steven chuckles at that, and Alex casts an annoyed look toward him. They’ll talk about behaving later, when they’re alone again, and maybe Steven won’t be laughing anymore when he’s squirming in Alex’s lap, his ass red and burning under each blow from Alex’s hand.

Dave smacks his ass, making Alex jump and blink. He makes a muffled protesting noise through the gag and turns his head to glare at Dave.

“Pay attention,” Dave says mildly. “I said, take off your shoes.”

Did he? Alex didn’t hear it. Then again, thoughts of his hands on Steven’s flesh often block everything else. He quickly takes off his shoes, and his socks while he’s at it – and receives another smack for his trouble.

“I said shoes, nothing else. If you can’t follow directions maybe we’ll need to restrain you.”

Alex doesn’t even bother giving him an eye roll. Dave would have found a reason to tie him up regardless, and they both know it. Hell, even Steven probably knows it, and it’s not like he’s ever seen them together before.

Unbuckling Alex’s belt, Dave slides it off then makes the leather snap. Alex doesn’t flinch, but he’s somewhat amused to see that Steven does. Dave rests the belt across his shoulder and starts unbuttoning Alex’s shirt, slowly enough that it could be called torture.

“How long did you last?” he asks, and if his eyes are on Alex’s, it’s clear that he’s talking to Steven. “How long until you got each other out of these suits?”

Behind him, Steven laughs again, the sound thick and sticky with remembered sex. “I think we made it a full five minutes at the party before we found a room.”

Dave sighs and shakes his head as he tugs the shirt off Alex without ever touching his skin. “Ah, yes. I never could teach you patience.”

Alex wants is grateful for the gag; he wouldn’t want to say something stupid now. Besides, when Dave tightens the belt around his wrists until it’s almost snug enough to hurt – but only almost – Alex has the answer he didn’t need. They’re okay. Or they will be. Maybe, in the end, all they needed was to take that first step toward each other again. Or maybe they needed one beautiful young man to bring them back together.

His pants are next, and again Dave manages to take them off without a single brush of his fingers on Alex’s skin – or without touching his erection any more than strictly necessary. By the time he’s standing naked in front of them, gagged, hands bound, and his cock hard and straining, Alex could scream in frustration – but he never makes a sound.

He lets Dave grab the end of the belt like a leash and lead him to the bedroom; lets Dave push him onto the bed, his back to the headboard and his arms raised above him after Dave ties the belt around the bedpost.

Not a sound – not until the show starts and they kiss just inches from him.

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