Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sexy Saturdays - M/M(/M) serial part 11

Part 11 of my naughty saturday serial...


It’s only been a few days since Dave last saw Steven. It feels like a lot longer than that. It always does, but somehow the thought of what’s to come seems to accentuate the anticipation. He wonders if Steven is as eager, as impatient as he is. As nervous. He tries not to feel like an overexcited teenager on the verge of a big date, tries not to think of how wrong this is.

“I shouldn’t,” he tells his empty apartment, but there’s no other answer than his own confused thoughts.

He made a list, before he told Steven they had to stop. He didn’t show the list to him, didn’t even mention half the items on it, but he kept that list in the drawer of his desk to remind himself it was better this way.

Right now, he couldn’t name one single reason he’d written on that list.

Why is it so difficult? It’s hardly as though Steven is the first pretty face Dave found himself attracted to. But usually, a few games, a few nights are enough. This time, as hard as Dave tried, he didn’t manage to sever all the ties that link him to Steven.

He promised himself he’d stop seeing the boy. When that didn’t last, he promised himself they’d just be friends. Another failure. Next he promised himself he’d give Steven pleasure without taking anything in return. But he broke that promise when he let Steven wrap his mouth around his cock, didn’t he? And he broke it again when he agreed to more.

Except… it won’t be his dick inside Steven, tonight. That’s not what Steven asked for. So it’s okay. Wrong, still, and Dave couldn’t care less, but okay.

Maybe by morning the reassurances he’s offering himself won’t make much sense anymore, but with half a bottle of scotch easing the way, they quiet down that nagging little voice that tells him he should know better.

It’s past midnight when a chime announces the impending arrival of the elevator. Dave puts his glass down, rakes a hand through his hair, starts tucking in his shirt, then thinks better of it and tugs it out of his pants again. Back to being nervous, but not for long, because when the silver door opens and they walk out, matching suits and matching smirks, there’s only one thing left coursing through Dave, fire licking down his spine and shooting up his dick until he’s hard enough to hurt: need.

“Good evening, Dave,” Steven says, his voice a little uneven, a little rough.

Dave’s gaze stops jumping back and forth between these two beautiful boys – his beautiful boys – and settles on Steven. He smiles at him. “Didn’t I tell you he wouldn’t be able to say no?”

Steven laughs, eyes sparkling when he looks at Alex and takes his hand.

Alex’s eyes never leave Dave and his smirk only deepens. “Funny, I told him the same thing about you.”

And that suddenly explains a lot. Dave has been wondering why, out of the blue, after months of apparently being content enough with their unvoiced arrangement, Steven pushed things to a different level. He should have known Alex was behind it. Dave isn’t sure what to think about it, he isn’t sure why Alex would even want anything to happen between them. All he knows is that, as desperate as he is not to use Steven, he’s even more determined not to let anyone else use him.

“You had fun at your party, then?” he asks, focusing on Steven again and pretending he didn’t hear Alex or doesn’t know what he means.

Steven’s blush answers before he does. “We did.” A smile as wide as the sky gives details Dave doesn’t want (to admit he’d like) to hear. And then Steven’s grin turns teasing. “But no one could figure out what we were dressed up as. I think next time I’ll stick to the cape and fangs.”

Before Dave can say what he thinks of that plan, Alex steals the words right out of his mouth. Dave watches them banter, tease each other, and he’s not even sure they’re aware anymore that he’s still there. Without thinking, he takes a step away from them. Immediately, both their gazes turn to him, narrow eyes for Alex, wide ones for Steven, and it’s the same question in both shades of blue.

“Dave? Did you… change your mind?”

Dave has to bite his tongue not to say no faster than he can think. He picks up his words carefully instead. “I just want to be sure you haven’t,” he says slowly. “Be sure you know what you want.”

Steven’s frown is one of pure confusion; it accentuates a little more when Alex chuckles.

“What Dave wants,” he says in a fake whisper as he turns to Steven, “is to be sure I’m not pulling your strings.”

It’s Steven’s turn to laugh. Shaking his head, he looks back at Dave. “Of course Alex is pulling my strings.” Slow, slow steps bring him to stand in front of Dave; slow but without the whisper of a hesitation. “That doesn’t mean I don’t want it.”

He lays his hands on Dave’s face, gentle enough to handle china, and draws him to his mouth. He doesn’t kiss him, though, and simply whispers against his lips, “I do want it. You know I do. I’ve never stopped wanting you, and I don’t care that you think it’s wrong. Please?”

And there’s nothing in the world Dave could refuse him. Nothing out of this world either.

He presses his answer to Steven’s mouth. Looks behind him at Alex. The idiot might as well be a cat, and the two of them cream. Dave smiles – no fangs showing, but Alex’s grin wavers just the same. There won’t be any string-pulling by the time Dave is done with him.

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